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Photo-Enforced Fines Hit Texas Drivers

Cities and private contractors cash in on red light camera ticketing systems in the name of "public safety."

Citizine | April 25, 2007
Thom White

Austin, Texas - A new boom is taking place across Texas that may improve public safety at busy intersections but is certain to make governments and private contractors loads of money: the "red-light camera." Red light cameras mark the first step toward "photo-enforcement" of traffic laws in the state, and may lead to "speed cameras" and the eventual issuance of fines for various other traffic violations caught on camera.

The Daily Texan reported (April 10, 2007) that Austin’s Department of Public Works will be doing a “red light camera” pilot program for a couple months at two intersections (the corner of Riverside and Pleasant Valley being one of them). They will test the cameras to make sure the technology works according to plan and identifies vehicles correctly so that each fine can be mailed to the appropriate address.

City of Austin employee David Gerard said, “The whole intent behind a red light photo enforcement system is to reduce red light violations to improve the safety of our intersections,” and said the cameras reduce the number of front-to-side crashes that can occur when someone runs a red light.

Sgt. Jim Beck, president of the Austin Police Association, says red light cameras are important for increasing the safety of Austin intersections: “Whatever we can do to improve public safety is worth a try.”

Round Rock is expected to install several red-light cameras soon as well. Round Rock City Council approved their red-light camera revenue program on March 8. According to the Austin American-Statesman (March 22, 2007): “City officials say that they have not heard from any residents opposed to the program.”
David Bartels, Round Rock public works administrator, said, “The camera system uses technology that is already in place at intersections to monitor traffic flow, usually a camera on top of the traffic signal or an electromagnetic loop in the street that senses metal from the car … If either of the two detects that a car is in the intersection after the light has turned red, a photo is taken. A second photo captures where the vehicle is moments later. The photos are time-stamped.”

“The last fatality caused by someone running a red light in Round Rock was six years ago,” said police department spokesman Eric Poteet.

Round Rock Mayor Nyle Maxwell says, “the program will pay for itself,” and other cities’ experiences provide proof. For example, Plano police Lt. Jeff Wise says in the year since the camera system was installed, the city of Plano has collected $600,000 in fines while the private contractors who run the system have earned $225,000 of that total paid by drivers.

Enforcement of red light violations with these cameras is getting even more stringent in some places. The Dallas Morning News reported that starting this April, even police and firefighters in Dallas will have to pay a fine if they run a red light at a photo-enforced intersection, and can’t prove it was a justifiable emergency measure. Many police officers are understandably miffed about the policy, but apparently private companies who manage the red light camera billing system have felt short-changed by Dallas emergency personnel’s freewheeling ways.

The Morning News reported: “Any Dallas police officer in a marked squad car who is captured on the city’s cameras running a red light will have to pay the $75.00 fine if the incident doesn’t comply with state law. Firefighters who run red lights will have to pay if they’re not on an emergency run … Since last year [2006], 39 cameras have been placed at intersections, city officials said. Sixty cameras are scheduled to be up and running by May 22 … Since mid-January, the cameras have recorded at least 355 emergency vehicles running red lights.”

Innocent people are also getting caught in the net of this widening camera-ticketing revenue scheme. According to the Galveston County Daily News (April 15, 2007), Richard Gregory says he has been falsely accused of running a red light by the city of Dallas. He received a ticket in the mail with photos of a black Acura 32T running a red light nine days before, and according to the ticket, the license plate of the car in the photo matched that of Mr. Gregory. However, Richard Gregory says he has never owned an Acura, doesn’t currently have a black car, and was at home in League City (hundreds of miles away from Dallas) at 7:15 a.m. the morning when the violation occurred.

The Daily News reports, “In Gregory’s case, the ticket was issued to him because his license plates seemed to match the photo, even though the black Acura clearly didn’t match the white Chrysler the plates were registered to.” Mr. Gregory has pointed out that the officer who signed off on the photo-enforced ticket mistook an “N” for an “M” on the license plate and said, “... customer service representatives told him he has to come to Dallas to prove it wasn’t his car.”

Smaller cities are also embracing photo-enforcement of traffic. Red light camera ticketing was introduced in El Paso in October 2006, while Longview installed surveillance cameras this April and Lufkin is planning to set up cameras in late May.

The town of Kerrville is seriously considering installing red-light camera technology along the highway that passes through. “I think you could pay all the bills of Kerrville if you could do that [set up photo enforcement technology] on Texas 173,” said Kerrville Mayor Gene Smith. Kerrville police chief John Young said the city is still gathering data from vendors and that cameras might be installed at two to three intersections later in the year.

The Kerrville Daily Times (April 11, 2007) reported: “Today in Kerrville, cameras are mounted on traffic signals along state highways, but those cameras monitor traffic and are not the same technology used for issuing citations for running red lights … [red-light camera] devices capture both digital pictures and video of the intersections. The vendors own the equipment and are responsible for issuing citations, training officers, and camera maintenance … The cost to the city would be either a percentage of each citation or a per site cost … The traffic signal cameras also may record speed and can be used in other investigations, Young said …”

Suburbs of Austin such as Georgetown, Cedar Park, and Leander are also in the “early stages” looking into red-light camera installation. One report indicated that, unlike other towns, Hutto has decided they don’t have enough red light violations to justify the installation costs.

In Tyler, police chief Gary Swindle told KLTN that his city is waiting to find out what state legislation passes because if a new law is not passed, the existing traffic code may make these camera-issued fines illegal.


Aaron Quinn of the National Motorist Association questions the “public safety” benefits of the red light camera system, noting “a Virginia DOT study … found accidents increased in camera-monitored intersections because drivers were more likely to slam on their brakes and get rear-ended.”

According to the Kerrville Daily Times (April 12, 2007), a 2006 study regarding red-light cameras in Winnipeg, Canada, and the 2005 study by the Virginia Department of Transportation mentioned by Mr. Quinn showed a 58% increase in wrecks at intersections with the cameras in the two years after installation. “Both studies found a decrease in the number of people running red lights and wrecks caused by running red lights, but more incidents of rear-end collisions resulting from people slamming on breaks to avoid running the light.”

If the cameras do not keep people safer at intersections, why are so many being installed across the state? Kerrville doctor Randy Moody said the “cameras do little to improve public safety … but are very profitable for the companies that provide them.”

The Winnipeg study which dealt with the public safety benefits of red-light cameras showed the cameras had generated $15 million in revenue for the city and private vendors who manage the system, and this may be the real reason for the push to install the cameras.

KEYE-TV in Austin voiced the concerns of a rising number of drivers about the sudden lurch toward draconian “photo-enforcement” of traffic laws, reporting on April 3, 2007 that, “cities insist they need the high-tech tool to control dangerous intersections and protect public safety,” but that, “local leaders might also try to use the photo traffic cops as an electronic speed trap to fill up the city’s bank accounts.”

Mr. Quinn says the red-light camera revenue programs are often farmed out to private companies to make money off giving tickets. “This is taking enforcement of laws out of the hands of real people … If you put it in the hands of private companies that have an incentive to send out more tickets, you’re twisting things around.”

Attorney Michael Kubosh said, “It’s a money grab. It’s not about public safety. It’s about revenue.” Mr. Kubosh filed a lawsuit in February against the city of Houston after purposely running red lights at camera-controlled intersections so he could challenge the use of the new revenue machines. He said his Houston ticket was mailed from Arizona and has a payment address in Ohio, indicating out-of-state private interests are profiting from the supposed “increased public safety” at Texas intersections.

State Rep. Carl Isett of Lubbock has filed a bill this session that would ban the use of red light cameras, and many say there is wide support for this bill. State Sen. Mike Jackson (R-La Porte) also argues that cities “do not have the legal authority to use the cameras and that they should be banned.”

Two years ago, there was a chance the legislature would ban camera-issued red light tickets outright. On Feb. 28, 2005, the Texas House voted 113-23 to block all city governments in the state from using cameras to fine red-light runners. The bill, HB 259, sponsored by Rep. Gary Elkins (R-Houston) would have eliminated the civil citation loophole that had been around for two years. However, the Senate did not pass the bill so the ban did not become law.


The Texas Senate has passed two bills in 2007 granting specific permission to cities to mail out tickets using traffic-enforcement cameras to the owner of any vehicle involved in a recorded violation and setting the maximum fine at $75.00 for the first red light violation captured by a camera.

In exchange for state legalization of the red light camera technology, municipalities will have to give up half of the spoils from the tickets to the state government. Senate Bills 1119 and 125 (both authored by Sen. John Carona of Dallas) give the state government a new stake in turning money-making photo-enforcement of traffic into a way of life.

Sen. Carona said, “We have to decide whether we put a lasso around them [traffic cameras] to make sure they are responsibly used, or whether we don’t want to have them at all … the genie is out of the bottle” and he said it is time to regulate (legalize) the use of photo-enforced traffic tickets.

According to the Statesman, “Under Texas law, running a red light is a Class C misdemeanor that can be regulated only by the state … In 2003 legislators rejected a bill giving cities authority to issue criminal citations to red-light runners caught on camera. But they approved a change to the transportation code that year allowing civil tickets.”

Rep. Linda Harper-Brown (R-Irving) inserted the provision to allow municipalities to issue civil citations using cameras to regulate traffic. Shortly after the passage of the new regulation in 2003, Garland, a suburb of Dallas, became the first Texas city to set up a red-light camera revenue program.


There have been a series of legal decisions across the U.S. ruling that tickets issued to vehicle owners with computerized camera systems are illegal according to state motor vehicle codes.

Many have ruled these camera-issued red light tickets illegal because they automatically attribute the violation to the vehicle's owner, and not to the driver who committed the moving violation, and because it sets a double standard where camera-issued tickets are civil citations (fines) while a police-issued ticket is a misdemeanor, and thus has more serious repercussions.

On April 5, the Minnesota Supreme Court unanimously ruled that tickets issued using traffic cameras in Minneapolis are against the state constitution. "The court argued that Minneapolis had, in effect, created a new type of crime: owner liability for red-light violations when the owner neither required nor knowingly permitted the violation." Traffic violations in Minnesota only apply to the driver who committed the violation, not to the owner of the vehicle.

In early 2007, Michigan attorney general Mike Cox "declared the use of red light cameras or speed cameras within the state to be illegal … Cox found that state law established red light running as a criminal violation, so that any local ordinance declaring such a violation a civil matter would be 'in conflict' with the law."

Iowa judge Gary McKenrick has also ruled that camera systems in Davenport, Iowa, are illegal because drivers should be given a criminal citation for the violation, not a civil citation, according to Iowa's motor vehicle laws. Since August 2004, over 10,000 red-light tickets and 20,000 speeding fines have been issued in Davenport using photo-enforcement cameras.

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the Freeman Perspective w/ Kent Daniel Bentowski

The History of the Illuminati

How the Celtic peoples were enslaved by Babylonian tyrants

Benjamin Fulford | July 10, 2007

The way Asians view Western history is astounding beyond imagination. We learn that everything we have been taught is a lie. We learn that we are being manipulated and herded like sheep by a secret elite. We learn that we live in a matrix of lies designed to keep us in slavery.

The implications are so vast that it is hard to know where to begin. Ultimately, to really understand, we must go back to the beginnings of Western civilization.

At the very dawn of history humans began farming along the banks of Euphrates river. People soon started digging canals. The resulting cornucopia created a population boom. Fights between alpha males escalated into a never-ending frenzy. From these constant battles for supremacy arose a tyrant who created a system for manipulating and controlling large masses of people. It was a system of laws combined with a system of mind control. His name was Hamurabi. His system of mind control was to create a book combining folk wisdom with propaganda. Because he could not be everywhere at once, he created the idea of an omnicient, omnipresent being that could see all and know all. In the book where this idea was introduced, Hamurabi had himself referred to as Abraham. Later a symbol of that god was created: it was an all seeing eye on the top of a pyramid.

So, while the Mesopotamian people built on the idea of an almighty God, there also actually existed, behind the scenes, a bearded man on a throne with god-like powers over his people. To control and awe his people, great displays of miracles and wonders were engineered.

A special sect of slave drivers was created to control the people on behalf of the god-king. This was the origin of the Freemasons. It took place 5771 years ago.

Later the tribe of the god-king invaded Egypt and the Masons added Egyptian slave driving technology to their arsenal.

Thus started, over the millenia, a sort of parallel cultural evolution between a ruling elite and the unwashed masses. We saw the rise of a group of elite families that keep their rule over the ignorant through a combination of control over grain supplies (or money supplies), knowledge, information and finally, control over life and death. People who learned about this elite were either inducted into it, killed or neutralized by assorted other means such as bankruptcy or ridicule.

There were many rebellions against these rulers. One notable one was by a person called Jesus Christ. He talked about things like men being born free and equal, about basic human dignity about the duty to protect the weakest members in society. Although he was executed for treason, his radical ideas spread like wildfire among the poor and down-trodden.

When the Romans invaded Judea and scattered the Jews, the Masons began offering their services to other kings and despots.

One faction of them eventually convinced a Roman emperor by the name of Constantine to compile a book that would both encompass the folk beliefs of his people and provide a way to herd them like sheep (The lord is my Shepherd). This was the birth of the Roman Catholic church. Over the years it expanded, absorbing ideas from other religions and folk beliefs along the way. Ideas that were not considered palatable were persecuted relentlessly in an effort to preserve and maintain a universal mental mono-culture.

Religious Christianity and Judaism, by reflecting the folk-wisdom of the ages, really do represent the real God in a scientifically provable manner. They reflect the cumulative wisdom of 3.5 billion years of evolution. It is the wisdom of our ancestors, it must be treated with great respect. It is ancient life's understanding of the reality of the universe that God created. The ideas that people found they liked in the Bible were selected by a process of natural cultural selection. In other words, people responded to the parts of the Bible that reflected what was in their hearts and what their own experience of the real world told them. Thus the Celtic peoples were naturally and gradually assimilated into this culture (with a few holdouts like Halloween).

Folk awareness of the secret controllers, and their determination to prevent them from doing evil was known as fighting the devil.

The reformation of Martin Luther was a rebellion against the Catholic mono-culture and the system of thought control originating in Rome.

Later, people with persecuted ideas found freedom in the New World and, as a result, America flourished as no civilization before.

But, in parallel to this genuine religious feeling of the people, the secret manipulators also evolved increasingly sophisticated ways to control the masses.

One group of people used an offshoot of the original Hamurabi school of Masonic mind control technology to create a large kingdom in central Asia. They were known as the Khazars. They were defeated by the Rus and Mongol empires and their elite class fled, with their treasure and their knowledge, into Europe and China.

The ones who fled to China were forced to flee again to Japan after the Mongol Kublai Khan conquered China.

The ones who fled to Europe curried favor with kings and princes and offered them their secret Masonic people-herding technology. Eventually a very elite group of them intermarried successfully with the royalty and became the ruling family of Europe. They were known as the Rothschilds and their secret rule of Europe continues to this day. Although they try to stay hidden and their past is filled with great evil, they also deserve much credit for helping make Europe and European culture so dominant in the world.

One of their secrets was to drive the people into conflict and war, both to strengthen them through competition and to profit from the sale of arms. Creating war also made the Celts easier to control because, in times of turmoil, people turn to their kings for protection.

The Rothschilds used money looted from India to finance the American revolution. Their aim was to strengthen their hand against the King of England. That is why Freemasonry is so central to American history. There was true idealism in their American adventure at first.

However, American Democracy proved to be unruly and hard to control. To keep the Americans under stricter discipline, they waged a 137-year battle to gain control of their currency. Control a people's money and you control their rations. It is the modern equivalent of keeping control over the keys to the granaries.

When their agents got control of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board in 1913, they immediately began preparations for war. Armed with American wealth, they triggered World War I. They conned the peace-loving Americans into the war by sinking the Lusitania. They were also able to subdue their long-term nemesis, Imperial Russia, by creating the Soviet Union. When Germany was defeated they demanded, and got, punitive tribute payments.

World War II was staged for several reasons: to reduce the world's population, to gain profits and to scare the Jews out of Europe and into Palestine. The Baron Rothschild (Adolf Hitler) got a little bit too ambitious and got off the long-term script of ruling the world from Mesopotamia and tried for an instant global empire with headquarters in Germany. At the end of World War II, the Masonic cabal tried to cement their control of the world by creating the United Nations. At the time, they controlled all 5 permanent Security Council members. They have since lost China and Russia.

In America, the Rockefellers and their fellow robber barons began a long-term program to complete their enslavement of the American people. They quietly and systematically gained control of the media, the text-book publishing companies and, by spreading their wealth liberally and strategically, were able to distort education.

Their biggest con-job was to promote the so-called science of economics. Their so-called economics is Babylonian slave driving technology. It is essentially a mechanism for looting the people of their money. For example, Americans have had a certain mantra drummed into their heads nearly constantly for decades: government is bad, business is good. Think about it: government represents the people, business represents the rich. Maximizing shareholder value means increasing payments of tribute to the slave-driving class. Middle-class incomes have been driven down and both parents in a family are being forced to work in order to maximize tribute payments from the masses. It also forces parents to send their children to communal brainwashing institutes at an earlier, more receptive age.

A big turning point in the enslavement of the Americans was the broadcast of the War of the Worlds in 1938. What they learned from that is that if people will believe in a space alien invasion based on a radio play, they can be made to believe in practically anything. The age of television became the age of mass-brainwashing. A few would-be liberators, like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, were assassinated in order to prevent the Americans from regaining their freedom.

Today the empire of the Babylonian slave-drivers is under threat like never before. First of all, large masses of humanity freed themselves from a form of Masonic slavery known as Colonialism. These people then began to gain both economic and intellectual power. The biggest threat now is the rise of China and India.

The 10,000 illuminati are now outnumbered by the humans they want to enslave by a ratio of close to 700,000 to one. With non-controlled humanity gaining in economic, military and intellectual power, the illuminati feel extremely scared and vulnerable. Cultures not under direct illuminati control now account for 83% of the World's population and over 60% of its wealth.

To deal with this situation, David Rockefeller and the descendants of J.P. Morgan and Averil Harriman (including the Bush family) cooked up an incredibly horrendous scheme to slaughter billions of the world's free people and then take advantage of the trauma of slaughter to enslave the rest.

The plan calls for an artificial armagedon to be launched that would start with a never ending "war on terror," followed by plagues, famine and possibly even a fake, and very lethal, alien invasion fleet.

The plan was so evil that it provoked a split in the illuminati ranks. A rebel group, centered around Jay Rockefeller and most of the Rothschilds, tried to take power from David Rockefeller and his clique with a so-called war on Global Warming. The plan was to neutralize one of the David Rockefeller clique's main sources of power: their control over oil. The Rothschilds also refused to finance the war in Iraq. Since their headquarters are in Europe (the BIS) they decided instead to try to turn the EU into a Babylonian style world monarchy.

To finance David's insane campaign, the Japanese people have been forced to work harder for lower pay. To maximize tribute payments from the Japanese, David Rockefeller also forced the Japanese government to hand him control of their entire banking system. The Japanese government tried to refuse and were threatened into submission with a new array of high-tech weaponry, including, if you can believe this, a weapon that caused an earthquake in Niigata Japan.

However, despite Japanese money, the plan is coming apart at the seams and threatening to end the entire illuminati long-term campaign to enslave humanity. The war in Iraq turned into a disaster. People caught on that 911 was an inside job. Vladimir Putin kicked them out of Russia.

The David Rockefeller faction now only really control North America and England.

And now that the Chinese secret societies have found out about race-specific diseases being aimed at them, they will start assassinating the entire David Rockefeller faction unless this criminally insane plan is called off.

What the whole world really hopes for is that the American people will free themselves before this madness can proceed any further. All they would have to do is arrest about a dozen of the most senior members of the David Rockefeller faction, starting with the old man himself.

"It Came From Austin" - A Benefit for the Texas Moratorium Network and the Save Kenneth Foster Campaign 7/28/2007

performance by Laura Scarborough

Kenneth Foster

On August 30, 2007, Texas, the state that executes more people than any in the country, plans to deliver a lethal injection to Kenneth Foster, Jr. While this may seem like nothing out of the ordinary for a state that will perform its 400th execution this summer, Kenneth’s case is unique. He killed no one. The state of Texas will be the first to admit this. It seems unthinkable that a man who did not even touch the gun that ended the life of Michael LaHood, Jr. on August 14, 1996 in San Antonio, Texas would be sent to his death for such a crime. What makes this possible is the Law of Parties. A number of states have laws that enable prosecutors to hold those merely present at the scene of a crime legally responsible. Texas is the only state that applies this statute in capital cases, making it the only place in the United States where a person can be factually innocent of murder and still face the death penalty.

Contact Governor Perry to Protest Each Execution:
Office of the Governor Main Switchboard: (512) 463-2000
Office of the Governor Fax: (512) 463-1849
[office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST]

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Colbert 'Hopes to Join' Illuminati World Depopulation Plan

References Warning by Former Forbes Writer Benjamin Fulford to Halt Genocide by Race-Specific Bio-Weapons

Jones Report | July 26, 2007
Aaron Dykes

Stephen Colbert made heavy reference to the Illuminati and their plan to depopulate the world, noting that he too can make strange hand signs and wants to be recruited. Whether Colbert takes depopulation seriously or not, it truly is a key part of the globalist's plan for world domination-- as documented below.

Colbert brings up the Illuminati in conjunction with Benjamin Fulford, a former Forbes magazine writer, who alleges that the Illuminati network seeks to use race-specific biological weapons to decrease Asian populations to 500,000,000.

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Joining the Illuminati
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Fulford gave an exclusive six hour interview to the Jeff Rense Show on the subject, which can be found here.

Benjamin Fulford: Chinese Secret Society Challenges Illuminati

"A Chinese secret society with 6 million members, including 1.8 million Asian gangsters and 100,000 professional assassins, have targeted Illuminati members if they proceed with world depopulation plans, according to Tokyo-based journalist Benjamin Fulford, 46."

Benjamin Fulford on the Global Economy

While we have not yet fully evaluated Fulford's claims, it is true that radical depopulation schemes have been published in a number of government documents. It is a major subject in the upcoming Alex Jones' film ENDGAME.

South Africa developed race-specific bioweapons and later sold them to Israel. Dick Cheney mentions the use of race-specific bioweapons in future warfare in the September 2000 Project for a New American Century document "Rebuilding America's Defenses" [page 60].

Henry Kissinger endorsed major planks of the 1944 Royal Commission on Population, headed by George VI and included them in his NSSM 200 memorandum on population reduction, which lists 13 countries for specific targeting and mentions that "food is a weapon." Clearly the United Nations and its subsidiaries also participate in pushing this agenda.

Also, many of the United States' most wealthy contribute billions to population reduction programs, including Ted Turner, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, just to name a few.

Prince Philip has stated his wish to return to earth as a deadly virus in order to cull human population. Dr. Eric Pianka, of the University of Texas, calls for 90% population reduction to stabilize the earth.

Even the esoteric Georgia Guidestones call for a world population of not more than 500,000,000.

Bertrand Russell writes in his essay, "Effects of Scientific Technique" (Contained in The Impact of Science on Society):

"If there is not to be an endless succession of wars, population will have to became stationary throughout the world, and this will probably have to be done in many countries as a result of governmental measures....[or] War may become so destructive that, at any rate for a time, there is no
danger of overpopulation."

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Candidates @ Google: Ron Paul

2008 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul in discussion with Google executive Elliot Schrage as part of the company's Candidates @ Google series.

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Collecting Evidence if an Event like 9/11 Occurs

Steven Jones and William Deagle on the importance of collecting evidence and establishing a chain of custody if an event like 9/11 occurs. Recorded at the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference, June 24th, 2007.

D.C. Madame: "Big Names" May Be On Client List

Prison Planet | July 24, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

Deborah Jeane Palfrey, better known as the D.C. Madame, says that anything up to a hundred notable individuals remain undiscovered on the infamous phone numbers list, and that "big names" may also feature.

The government claims that Palfrey's former escort service, Pamela Martin and Associates, was an illegal prostitution ring, and yet it was allowed to operate for 13 years before Palfrey's attempt to close the business made many influential Beltway politicians nervous that she was about to spill the beans on their involvement - triggering federal harassment and a criminal investigation.

In response, Palfrey released a giant archive of phone numbers of people who used the service, forcing several public officials to admit their involvement, including Senator David Vitter and State Department official Randall L. Tobias.

Speaking to The Alex Jones Show, Palfrey outlined the long chain of harassment and surveillance she had endured on behalf of the government's "investigation" of the case, many details of which are routinely ignored by the corporate media, including how federal agents posed as a couple who were interested in buying her home as a means of accessing her property without a warrant.

She also detailed how her financial transactions were intercepted and also how the warrant to search her house was finally obtained under the pretext of anti-terror laws, of which this case bore no relation.

Palfrey eventually had all her financial and real estate assets frozen by the government before she even knew what she was being charged with.

Palfrey characterized the situation as "puzzling, twisted and bizarre," adding, "This is not a case about prostitution, it never was, it isn't now and it never will be - there's something very rotten at the core of all this."

Palfrey said she had been completely blackballed by the mainstream media who are not interested in the story, including the Washington Post and the New York Times who declined to speak with her.

Sen. David Vitter, R-La., admits his involvement in the call girl scandal at a press conference last week.

The D.C. Madame indicated that the identities of more big name individuals involved in the scandal were about to be released.

"We now know it goes at least as high as a United States Senator," said Palfrey, "I'm hearing rumors now from other people that there are other possibilities in that stratosphere so to speak, on that level."

Palfrey stated that there were anything up to a hundred of other notable individuals that have yet to be exposed as having used the escort service, including potential "big names."

Asked if Palfrey agreed with the observation that Republicans favored gay male prostitutes over women, Palfrey responded, "I don't know about that, I seem to think that as well by reading news reports."

As we have highlighted before, mainly Republican self-proclaimed Christian attendees to the annual Bohemian Grove retreat - a kind of summer camp for the elite where policy is formulated without oversight - are routinely "serviced" by gay male porn stars, who are transported in to work as valets, according to a report in the New York Post.

The D.C. Madame scandal is important for several reasons but the core issue is the fact that the majority of high-level public and government officials are embroiled in these kinds of activities, along with even seedier pursuits, and this ensures they are completely compromised and can be politically blackmailed to maintain the status quo, because if it was to fall then they would go down with it.

This strikes at the very root of why the majority in Congress consistently oppose immediate withdrawal from Iraq, a new investigation into 9/11 and the impeachment of Bush and Cheney - because to lend support to such actions would leave them vulnerable to a brutal exposé of whatever skeletons are in their closet.

Palfrey concluded by promising that new developments in the case may emerge within the next few weeks.

Riddles in Stone: The Secret Architecture of Washington D.C. (2007)

"Riddles In Stone: Secret Architecture of Washington D.C." will continue to explore the fascinating history behind the origins and focus of the world's most powerful nation: America.

Why was this nation founded? How was the precise location of Washington D.C. determined? What is the meaning of the seemingly countless occult images in our nation's capitol?

Volume II zeros in on the Masonic & Rosicrucian influence so prevalent amongst our Founding Fathers as they planned, and began to implement, the layout of America's Capitol. For years, extreme controversy has abounded as to the exact meaning of the occult symbols found within the street layout, the buildings, and the monuments of Washington D.C.

Is there really an inverted Pentagram formed by the street layout just north of the White House? We have discovered the esoteric reason why this Pentagram is missing one segment.

Was this city laid out to reflect the vision of a Masonic Christ foreseen by Sir Francis Bacon? Is it true that America's capitol was laid out "according to the stars," i.e. in the astrological shapes of certain planets and stars so revered by occultists?

Why did our Masonic Founding Fathers perform "Corn, Wine, and Oil" ceremonies at cornerstone layings and at the dedication of the finished structure?

Does this occult "wisdom" represent the interests of America or a hidden agenda?

As with Volume I, this "Secret Mysteries" series will continue to explore current -- and possibly future -- events by examining America's past. What can these realities mean for the unfolding destiny of America and the world? Now you will know that when President Bush said he was fulfilling the "Ancient Hope" of the "New Order of the Ages" (as we show in Volume I) he was merely acting out the plan reflected in the street layout and in the architecture of Washington D.C.

Bush's Martial Law Plan Is So Shocking, Even Congress Can't See It

Prison Planet | July 23, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

President Bush's post-terror attack martial law plan is so shocking that even sitting members of Congress and Homeland Security officials are barred from viewing it, another example of executive über alles and a chilling portent of what is to come as constant reminders of the inevitability of terror attacks reverberate.

Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR) was asked by his constituents to see what was contained within the classified portion of the White House's plan for operating the government after a terrorist attack.

Since DeFazio also sits on the Homeland Security Committee and has clearance to view classified material, the request would have appeared to be routine, but the Congressman was unceremoniously denied all access to view the documents, and the White House wouldn't even give an excuse as to why he was barred.

"I just can't believe they're going to deny a member of Congress the right of reviewing how they plan to conduct the government of the United States after a significant terrorist attack," DeFazio told the Oregonian on Friday.

"We're talking about the continuity of the government of the United States of America," DeFazio says. "I would think that would be relevant to any member of Congress, let alone a member of the Homeland Security Committee."

"Maybe the people who think there's a conspiracy out there are right," DeFazio concluded.

The article also quotes Norm Ornstein, a legal scholar who studies government continuity at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, who told the paper he "cannot think of one good reason" to deny access to a member of Congress who serves on the Homeland Security Committee.

"I find it inexplicable and probably reflective of the usual, knee-jerk overextension of executive power that we see from this White House," Ornstein said.

The only plausible reason DeFazio was barred access to the documents is that the plans for a post-terror attack continuity of government scenario are so abhorrent that to reveal their true nature would cause a public outcry and lead to a major repeal of what is contained in the documents.

What we already about Bush's recent spate of executive orders, and in particular PDD 51, is bad enough - the provisions outline preparations for the implementation of open martial law in the event of a declared national emergency.

New legislation signed on May 9, 2007, declares that in the event of a "catastrophic event," the President can take total control over the government and the country, bypassing all other levels of government at the state, federal, local, territorial and tribal levels, and thus ensuring total unprecedented dictatorial power.

It is important to understand that, although these powers have been on the books for previous presidents, Bush is the first to openly brag of the fact that he will utilize them and officially become the supreme emperor of the United States in the aftermath of a catastrophe that the government itself has said will happen on innumerable occasions.

According to columnist and author Jerome Corsi, the power grab assures that "The president can declare to the office of the presidency powers usually assumed by dictators to direct any and all government and business activities until the emergency is declared over."

Also in May, it was reported that a high-level group of government and military officials has been quietly preparing an emergency survival program named "The Day After," which would effectively end civil liberties and implement a system of martial law in the event of a catastrophic attack on a U.S. city.

Last year we also exposed the existence of a nationwide FEMA program which is training Pastors and other religious representatives to become secret police enforcers who teach their congregations to "obey the government" in preparation for a declaration of martial law, property and firearm seizures, and forced relocation.

The documents that Congressman DeFazio was blocked from seeing likely interlock with both these programs and detail the overarching agenda to effectively nullify what's left of the U.S. Constitution and firmly ensconce George W. Bush as a supreme dictator.

Only by putting enough pressure on the media and in turn the White House to be transparent about what the secret martial law provisions are can we lead an effort to repeal them before the next terror attack, whether real or manufactured, takes place.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

In D.C., Christian Zionists Push Get-Tough Policy on Iran

Floyd reports from San Antonio's Cornerstone Church and checks out a nearby Masonic Temple:

San Antonio Express-News | July 22, 2007
Abe Levy

WASHINGTON — Inside a reserved Senate room, several hundred evangelical activists who came by plane and bus Wednesday waited for the arrival of Texas' two senators.

As their leader, Pastor John Hagee, entered the room, they erupted in cheers, snapping photos of the face of modern Christian Zionism, a movement that promotes Israel as a biblical mandate.

The room turned silent as Hagee greeted Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn near the stage. Hagee looked the senators in the eye and said: "These people are from Texas — and they are voters."

That message came through loud and clear last week as Hagee and 4,500 like-minded Christians visited the Capitol to lobby for Israel and a get-tough policy against Iran. Motivating them is their belief that Israel's fate is tied to that of the free world.

"We didn't come to Washington to figure out what Washington thinks," Hagee said. "We came to Washington to express our views, and we came as people. People hold the power in America."

Pastor of the 18,000-member Cornerstone Church in San Antonio and a world-reknowned TV evangelist, Hagee organized the lobbying blitz (the second in two years) to try to exert political power in Middle East policy, including consideration of a pre-emptive strike on Iran.

He founded a non-profit organization, Christians United for Israel, 18 months ago, to give a louder voice to Christian Zionists, who are among the 60 million to 100 million evangelicals in the U.S. Many of them believe they are living in the final days described in prophetic books of the Bible and that standing with Israel assures them of being on God's side when it is all said and done.

Known for his fiery apocalyptic sermons and books, such as "Jerusalem Countdown," Hagee, 67, is no stranger to conservative Republican politics and mobilizing Christians to vote.

Last week, along with the visit to Congress, CUFI conducted a three-day summit for 4,500 delegates that included seminars on the evils of militant Islamic groups, lessons on effective lobbying, the showing of pro-Israel documentaries, banquets for donors and its signature event, Night to Honor Israel, which was broadcast on Israeli TV.

The ceremony drew nearly 5,000 participants inside the Washington Convention Center and 15 protesters outside.

The dissenters, part of "Project Straight Gate," based in Phoenix, held signs that read "Hagee's apostacy kills Palestinians" and "Blessed are the peacemakers." The group, representing six states, started five years ago to counter the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

To them, Hagee is the next Rev. Jerry Falwell, who they say misrepresented Christian faith through his political activities.

"The whole Christian Zionism movement is causing Christianity to be a laughing stock all over the world," said Charles Carlson, the group's founder and director. "It's bringing (Hagee) fame and fortune by putting Israel on the throne right beside Christ."

Inside the convention center, high-profile Israeli and U.S. government leaders revved up the audience with impassioned speeches by, among others, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay also attended.

At a banquet for $1,000-plus donors the night before, Sen. Joe Lieberman, a Connecticut independent and practicing Jew, praised CUFI and likened Hagee to Moses as a "leader of a multitude."

"The support of Christian Zionists is critical to Israel's security and strength," he said, "and to America's security and strength."

The average delegate found in the seminars the material they would need for lobbying and later grassroots activism. Panelists, both Jewish and Christian, promoted the use of alternative fuels as a way to wean America from Arab oil and deeper study of pro-Israel arguments to clarify biased media reports, win converts in their neighborhoods and vote pro-Israel candidates into office. There was particular emphasis on one core belief that Israel must not give up any land to Palestinians for peace, a view that comes from the Bible and history.

They also detailed the threat of militant Islamic groups who incite children to hate Jews and teach that being suicide bombers would give them the glory of martyrdom.

"It is a sick philosophy that goes by many names, but I haven't found a better name for this than islamofascism," Gary Bauer, a former presidential candidate who served in the Reagan administration and current CUFI board member, said during a workshop.

Pressing their points

Armed with talking points, CUFI delegates brought their message to a Congress largely in agreement, given that Israel was created by the United Nations in the aftermath of the Holocaust.

They reported meeting with 279 lawmakers, including 57 senators, and according to CUFI leaders, were generally well received.

Still, the suggestion of threatening Iran with a pre-emptive strike before exhausting diplomacy and the dismissal of a two-state solution in the Holy Land were not met with support from all lawmakers.

Some were skeptical that an American public growing weary of the U.S. presence in Iraq could stomach an attack on Iran. They would rather try to persuade other powerful nations in Europe and Asia to end trade with Iran and enact other economic and diplomatic sanctions.

"I've found that diplomacy sure does a lot of good," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, who didn't meet with CUFI members but was asked about them while en route to the Senate chambers. "Ronald Reagan proved that in the Cold War. He sent emissaries to the Soviet Union. We can never take the military option off the table as a world power, but we need to exhaust all diplomatic ways first."

Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., made time to meet briefly with 85 CUFI members who waited for him on the Capitol steps. State directors Mike and Jean Ann McNally stuck to four talking points as instructed during CUFI workshops: opposition to a two-state solution, support for sanctions on Iran, a U.N. crackdown on the terrorist group Hezbollah and continuing and increasing the $2.4 billion in yearly U.S. aid to Israel.

"One of their great strengths is their succinct message," Corker said after the visit, noting he took a first-ever trip to Israel during his election campaign last year. "The clarity of that message has endeared them to many people."

Several CUFI members lingered after the visit, holding hands in a circle and whispering prayers.

"We know we'll get blessed because we're blessing Israel," said Jean Ann McNally, the co-state director for Tennessee. "We're not here to lose."

In contrast, fundamental disagreements emerged during his meeting with seven CUFI members, said Bill Harper, chief of staff for Congresswoman Betty McCollum, D-St. Paul.

McCollum earlier this year was invited to attend a Night to Honor Israel in her home state. She declined in an April 25 letter, citing "repugnant" publicized statements by Hagee, including his calling Hurricane Katrina God's judgment on a sinful city and saying those who live by the Koran have a mandate to kill Christians and Jews.

After the meeting, Harper said he couldn't agree with CUFI's assertion that a two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians would hurt progress in the Middle East.

He pointed to Israel's freeing of 250 Palestinian prisoners Friday and Bush's release of a multimillion-dollar aid package for the Palestinian Authority Cabinet.

"This is really frankly a radical leadership," Harper said of CUFI. "They are dangerous to any prospects of ending the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians."

Texas' two Republican senators were more welcoming of CUFI's message.

"I think this is a group that gets it from the standpoint of the threat to not only our nation but also to the Iraqis and Afghans and to Israel," said Cornyn. "And that is the threat of Islamic extremism that justifies the murder of innocent civilians in pursuit of its ideological agenda."

Hutchison described CUFI as the Christian equivalent to the Jewish lobbying group AIPAC, and credible.

But she parts company with it over, for example, her preference for a two-state solution to bring "long-standing peace and economic development."

Challenges ahead

Hagee's meeting with Texas lawmakers was one of the few public appearances he made during the week. Instead, during 12-hour, tightly scheduled days, he was immersed in private CUFI strategy meetings with pastors and lawmakers.

CUFI claims about 50,000 members from churches representing 2 million people and has directors in each state and representatives in 10 countries.

Even with Congress' strong pro-Israel leanings, Hagee and CUFI have to gain traction at a time when one presidency is nearing an end and the next is a big unknown.

As CUFI met in Washington last week, President Bush, who banked on the same evangelical base as CUFI's, announced plans to pursue a two-state solution for the Holy Land.

Also last week, the State Department appeared headed to diplomatic talks with Iran to discuss charges that it is arming Iraqi militias. Such a move runs contrary to one of CUFI's strongest convictions — that Iran's pursuit of nuclear capabilities by its president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is part of a ploy to wipe out Israel and establish an Islamic world order.

Hagee also has to convince an increasingly fragmented evangelical community that Israel should be its top agenda item, despite competing issues such as global warming, poverty, abortion and homosexuality.

Perhaps one of Hagee's biggest hurdles will be his status as a controversial end-time theologian who, with great certainty, purports to understand future events based on his reading of the Book of Revelation and Old Testament prophecies.

Israel, he says, will come under attack from Arab enemies led by the Antichrist, pitting the forces of good and evil in the Battle of Armageddon. The Jews in Israel will be killed, except for 144,000 who are spared and foretold to convert to the Christian faith before Jesus' return.

Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, Jewish leaders with CUFI have said the only difference between them and their Christian counterparts is whether the Messiah's future arrival will be his first or second time on Earth.

This end-time theology was intentionally left out of the CUFI trip last week and in all other related events, Hagee said.

"We come here and make it very clear that end-time theology has absolutely nothing to do with our support for Israel," he said. "We're supporting Israel because Israel is threatened like no other time in all of her history."

But for others, his end-time views cause them to question his motives, especially since he's outspoken about his desire to affect U.S. foreign policy.

"As a Christian, I continue to be concerned about this militant crusader projected into the world that's categorically the opposite of the message of Jesus as I understand it," said Don Wagner, a founder of the Institute for the Study of Christian Zionism.

This issue deeply divides Jews, some of whom, while they praise Hagee's work to eradicate anti-Semitism, see him as using them as pawns to fulfill Christian prophecy, including the annihilation of most Jews.

David Brog, CUFI's executive director and a practicing Jew, said Christian Zionists are not motivated by end-time prophecy, despite their belief in it. Instead, Brog said, Jews who partner with CUFI are recognizing their shared dedication to moral lifestyles, the same sacred texts and the same God and a common goal of peace by combating the modern threat of global terrorism.

"If (Hagee) wanted a war, then he'd want to let Iran get the bombs," he said. "I think (Hagee's critics) are misunderstanding Christian theology. God has no set time for the Second Coming. And there's nothing you or I can do about it."

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Zeitgeist (2007)

Zeitgeist was created as a not for profit expression to inspire people to start looking at the world from a more critical perspective and to understand that very often things are not what the population at large think they are. The information in Zeitgeist was established over a year long period of research and the current Source page on this site lists the sources used / referenced. Soon, an interactive transcript will be online with detailed footnotes and links.

It's important to point out that there is a tendency to simply disbelieve things that are counter to our understanding, without the necessary research performed. For example, some information contained in Part 1 and Part 3, specifically, is not obtained by simple keyword searches on the Internet. You have to dig deeper. For instance,very often people who look up "Horus" or "The Federal Reserve" on the Internet draw their conclusions from very general or biased sources. Online encyclopedias or text book Encyclopedias often do not contain the information contained in Zeitgeist. However, if one takes the time to read the sources provided, they will find that what is being presented is based on documented evidence. Any corrections, clarifications & further points regarding the film are found on the Clarifications page.

That being said, it is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth, but find out for themselves, for truth is not told, it is realized.

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Chinese Secret Society Challenges Illuminati

Henry Makow | June 29, 2007

(Benjamin Fulford interviewed by Jeff Rense 7/05/2007 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3)

A Chinese secret society with 6 million members, including 1.8 million Asian gangsters and 100,000 professional assassins, have targeted Illuminati members if they proceed with world depopulation plans, according to Tokyo-based journalist Benjamin Fulford, 46.

They contacted Fulford, a Canadian expat, after he warned that the Illuminati plan to reduce the Asian population to just 500 million by means of race-specific biological weapons.

"The Illuminati, with the exception of Japan, is very much a white man's game," Fulford says.

The secret society confirmed Fulford's information and asked for advice. He provided them with a list of 10,000 people associated with the Illuminati, mainly members of the Bilderberg, CFR and Skull and Bones. Neo Cons are also high priority targets.

"I have promised that not a single person will die if they negotiate in good faith," Fulford says.

Fulford is the former Asian Pacific bureau chief for Forbes magazine. He quit in disgust when Forbes refused to run a damaging story about one of its advertisers. Fulford has since written 15 books in Japanese. His most recent is a scathing dissection of the 9-11 Hoax.

Fulford says Japan has been controlled in secret by the Illuminati through the use of murder and bribery. Underground sources tell him the Americans have murdered over 200 Japanese politicians and influential citizens since the end of WW2.

Among the victims are former Prime Ministers Tanaka, Takeshita, Ohira and Obuchi. They were all murdered using a special drug that induces strokes. The Illuminati have been warned that the Chinese secret society will not tolerate any more murders. It has also extended its protection to truth seekers in the West.


The Chinese Secret Society is called the "The Green and the Red Societies," Fulford says.

It "can be found in the history books. When the Manchus invaded China in 1644, the Ming army became an underground society aimed at overthrowing the Qing (Manchu) and restoring the Ming. They supported the Boxer Rebellion but were put down by imperialist powers. Later, with the help of overseas Chinese and the Japanese imperial family, the society managed to overthrow the last Emperor and install Sun Yat Sen in his place. They last appear in the history books as the Green Gang and the Red Gang that fiercely fought the Communists in Shanghai in the 1940s. They were defeated by the Communists in 1949 and once again became an underground organization."

"Since 1949 they have steadily increased their influence throughout China and the rest of the world. They have members at the very highest levels of the Chinese government but they are by nature anti-establishment, and are not an official Chinese government organization...

"The society has deep roots in Japan because of the link between Yakuza crime gangs and the Japanese imperial family. The Japanese imperial family are descended from 6th century Korean invaders. The original invaders had trouble putting down the native Jomon peoples so they brought over a tough, warlike minority people from the Asian mainland. These are the ancestors of the Yakuza. They have historically been used for secret work and for jobs like collecting taxes. When the Japanese decided to help overthrow the last Chinese dynasty, they used the Yakuza as a go-between with the Chinese secret society, many of whose members were gangsters. To this day many of the senior leaders of this group are actually Japanese, not Chinese."

"It must be made very clear though that it is not a crime gang. Although many members are Triad and Yakuza members, over 2/3 thirds of the members are intellectuals such as university professors, researchers and government bureaucrats. Each member earns their own living and membership in the society is like belonging to an emergency fire brigade. Their book of rules reads like a book of ethics filled with instructions to do things like help the weak, fight injustice, help your comrades etc."

"They approached me and asked if they could help after I made a speech in Tokyo describing the Bush regime's use of race-specific biological weapons. For me it was like a ghost from the history books appearing right in front of me. At first I thought of silly things like having them play 911 truth videos in Chinatowns around the world. However, then I remembered the scene from the movie Kill Bill where Uma Thurman snatches out her opponent’s eye. I soon realized these people could save the world by directly attacking the eye at the top of the pyramid on the one-dollar bill."

"Think about it, the illuminati and their top servants have a total membership of about 10,000 whereas the Chinese group has over 6 million members. That is 600-to-one odds. Furthermore, the 6 million have the names and addresses of the 10,000 while the 10,000 do not know who or where the 6 million are."


"Below is a brief a summary of the intelligence I have received from sources including: former Japanese Prime Ministers, senior Yakuza gangsters, senior Japanese Freemasons, Western intelligence agencies etc.

"First the illuminati are really inbred families of European and North American traditional aristocracy and banking families. They control the U.S., England, Europe (except for Scandinavian countries, Germany and Italy; Italy kicked them out in the 1970's),Japan, Africa, Iran, Canada and Mexico. They do not control China, Russia (Putin kicked them out for the first time since 1917), India, South East Asia, South America, Cuba etc.

"Their goal is to create a world government. Until 2 years ago the plan was the New World Order. That was outlined pretty clearly in the Project for a New American Century. However, with the debacle in Iraq, the secret government of the West changed to a new plan that is a world government based on the EU. To do this they will sabotage the U.S. economy.

"However, there is a big schism in the secret government. Jay Rockefeller and Philip Rothschild support one faction, the Global Warming Faction. Opposing them is the War on Terrorism Faction supported by David Rockefeller and the JP Morgan descendants (Bush, Harriman, Walker etc.). The warming people want to sell 500 nuclear power plants to China and a similar amount to the rest of the world. The terrorism guys want to keep U.S. dominance by maintaining control over oil. Putin was a huge setback for them.

"They are also neo-Nazis who want to reduce the amount of colored people in the world by at least half through disease, starvation and war. The Chinese secret society got wind of this and is preparing to stop them."


I challenged Fulford on Germany, Italy, Scandinavia and possibly Russia not being controlled by the Illuminati. He replied that "the quality of my intelligence varies":

"I can say with certainty that China, Russia and India are free. When Putin kicked out Nieslev and Bereshovsky and arrested Khordokovsky, he basically kicked the Rockefellers and Rothschilds out of Russia. I have good Russian sources and am confident Putin is a nationalist who is fighting the Illuminati with all his might. When ex-NSA chief Bobby Inman spoke at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan on June 26th he made it very clear he expected a protracted struggle with Russia.

"India kicked them out in Ghandi’s day and they have never been allowed back. Having liberated themselves after 300 years of Illuminati (East India Company) rule, they do not intend to let themselves fall under their control again.

"There have been many attempts by the Illuminati to infiltrate and dominate China. They financed Chairman Mao but he then kicked them out in the 1960s (that is why China and the USSR nearly went to war then). They are now trying to create a financial crisis in China that would open the way for them to infiltrate the Chinese financial system. They will not succeed. Italy basically purged itself during the big P2 Masonic lodge scandal back in the 80s and re-infiltration has only been partly successful. Germany is part of the NATO alliance and is thus indirectly controlled. There is a powerful branch of the Rothschild family operating there.

"However, Germany does not appear on a top-secret Illuminati power flow chart I have obtained. As far as Iran is concerned, I know they financed Ayatollah Khomeini and Iran appears on the flow chart I have. My understanding is they want to provoke a conflict between Islam and the West so they can consolidate their control over the Muslim and Christian worlds before finishing world conquest by taking over China and India."


Fulford says a meeting is being arranged with Russia’s Vladimir Putin to make sure the KGB also cooperates in this plan to snatch the eye out of the pyramid.

"So far, I have told the Illuminati that they are no longer allowed to murder Japanese politicians. I now plan to extend this protection to all politicians in the West. If the illuminati assassinate or attempt to assassinate Ron Paul, Barak Obama or any politician, may God have mercy on their souls."

"Since I am a peace-loving, laid-back Canadian suddenly put in a situation of great responsibility, I feel I must act as a servant of the weakest people and creatures on the planet. I have also been negotiating in secret with the Illuminati in the hopes of arranging for them to cede power without any bloodshed in exchange for a general amnesty.

'Trust me on this, the illuminati have failed because of their racism. Although other peoples understand that the West is a slave society, those living there do not realize it. The illuminati do not control China, India or now Russia. They are about to lose power. We are like people living in Berlin before the collapse of the Berlin wall. The illuminati are like the Wizard of Oz; once you pull aside the curtain you are surprized by how weak they really are. They rely on illusion. Once the illusion is gone, they are just a bunch of weak old men.

"I do believe we now have a real chance to end the New World Order and start the New Age. The New Age would be one where war, poverty and environmental destruction would only be found in the history books."

I applaud Benjamin Fulford's courage, idealism and defiance. However, he is new to this subject and may have been misled. He shouldn't use Illuminati terminology like "New Age." The Illuminati control the central banks of Russia, China, India and Venezuela. They control the EU. Germany may not appear on the Illuminati chart because it is at the top. Barak Obama is a Zionist stooge. The Illuminati Li Ka-Shing (and family) has had a major role in China. Heck, the Communists are Illuminati. I thought the Illuminati controlled organized crime. I can't imagine a genuinely benevolent secret society. It would be encouraging if this were one.

It's possible Fulford is sincere but is being used to confuse and/or create divisions. Possibly they want to ramp up domestic terrorism as an excuse for martial law. Now, Orientals as well as Muslims could be on the watch list. This secret society is challenging the traitorous Western Establishment. We're talking about the State Apparatus! So please be critical. It may or may not be what he says. Time will tell.

In any case, it's time we refused to bow down to tyranny and called a spade a spade. Imagine, in Japan he writes the truth in the mainstream media! Maybe some day, we'll do that in America. Benjamin Fulford is an inspiration and deserves our thanks.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dr. William Deagle Lecture 12/07/2006

Info about nutrition, extraterrestrials, New World Order, Moon Base, Mars colony, Deep Underground Military Bases, super soldiers, GMO, Illuminati 4th dimensional workings, even modified attack baboons.

911 Mysteries Part 1: Demolitions

90 minutes of pure demolition evidence and analysis, laced with staggering witness testimonials. Moving from "the myth" through "the analysis" and into "the players," careful deconstruction of the official story set right alongside clean, clear science. The 9/11 picture is not one of politics or nationalism or loyalty, but one of strict and simple physics. How do you get a 10-second 110-story pancake collapse?

WTC 7 - This is an Orange

A comparison between what we are told and what we can see, with our own eyes. World Trade Center 7 collapsed after having been damaged by fire and falling debris, but the collapse looks very much like a controlled demolition.

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Surveillance a Threat to Fundamental Rights

RINF Alternative News | July 13, 2007
Mick Meaney

A new report from the Council of European Commission for Democracy has warned the widespread use of public surveillance is a threat to our “fundamental rights.” The Venice Commission also made recommendations on how personal freedoms could be protected.

Recommendations include authorities and business to state the zones being filmed and set up a national body to guarantee the lawfulness of such installations, in line with the requirements of the European Convention on Human Rights and the international texts governing the gathering and protection of data.

“The right of the owner or inhabitant to protect his or her private property does not mean that a person who enters somebody else’s territory, has no right to respect for his or her privacy. He or she must instead be informed, or reasonably be made aware on other grounds, of the surveillance or the possibility of incidental surveillance. In addition, as is the case with surveillance in public places by public authorities, the person concerned is entitled to know if data have been collected and how the data collected will be processed and what use may be made thereof. And finally, he or she must have a legal remedy to have the legality of the surveillance reviewed,” states the report.

Read the report in full here:

Want To Win This Information War Fast? Here's How | July 12, 2007

Police are the weakest link in the New World Order's plans at total domination.

Without anyone to enforce tyranny, they have no tyranny.

I have gotten a great reception from Police. They are open minded and NEVER give me any crap. I have spoken with dozens of them in the past month and given them 911 Mysteries and Freedom to Facism.



If every single one of you would get the address to your local police station and mail out copies of 9/11 Mysteries and Freedom to Facism to EVERY POLICE STATION IN AMERICA.

Alex Jones: End Game Sneak Preview at the Alamo Drafthouse 6/21/2007

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Google Spider Goats (2007)

Google Spider Goats is an interactive, informative documentary/compilation that goes from the fraud that is known as the Federal Reserve to World Trade Center 7 in less than 50 minutes. A great film for waking up new audiences to how the United States of America's citizens are being subjected to massive deception. The film has been made for both new naive audiences with small attention spans, and hardcore truth deniers.

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Iraq Veterans Against the War - Ain't Goin' Back Again 1/04/2007

Are you in the military and being ordered going back to Iraq? Listen to members of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) performing "Ain't Goin' Back Again" on January 4, 2007 in Tacoma WA, at a support event the night before the court martial of Lt. Ehren Watada at Fort Lewis. On the guitar is Gulf War veteran Sgt. Dennis Kyne, joined by Iraq War veteran Darrell Anderson (Purple Heart, 1st Armored Division), Coast Guard vet Ethan Crowell, and Afghan War veteran Sgt. Michael Cuzzort. Video by Zoltan Grossman. See and

Is Tony Blair a Freemason?

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Rally Against Texas Governor Rick Perry 6/07/2007

Austin, Texas

Angle 1




Angle 2


2/3: Police massing two blocks away from the Omni hotel protest


The Ultimate Con

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David Icke Talks with Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa – Part One

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