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If You Like Your Fnord, You Can Keep Your Fnord

"And so it is that we, as men, do not exist until we do; and then it is that we play with our world of existent things, and order and disorder them, and so it shall be that non-existence shall take us back from existence and that nameless spirituality shall return to Void, like a tired child home from a very wild circus."
-Principia Discordia



Wednesday, April 09, 2014

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Photographs Mysterious Light on Mars

Mars Rover's 'mysterious light' photo causes wild speculations about alien life
April 8, 2014

A new photograph from NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover appears to showcase a strong artificial light emanating from the planet’s surface, igniting speculation that the beacon suggests there is intelligent life on the Red Planet.

The photo in question was taken on April 3 by Curiosity’s right-hand navigation camera, and shows what looks an awful lot like a bright, shining light off in the distance.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Jerry Pippin Interview with Chase Kloetzke 7/10/2011 - Concerted Attempts to Derail the Work of MUFON

Jerry talks with Chase Kloetzke, who was given the job as Star Team Manager after the contract with Bigelow Aero Space expired. Chase was a a happy camper then things started to crumble before her eyes. In an effort to find out why she was so up beat in a previous interview with Jerry and then abruptly left MUFON, Jerry does this probing interview where she reveals a strange series of events with upper level managers of the UFO organization that resulted in her complete disillusionment. Is there an effort by some inside the world's leading UFO investigative organization to disrupt and stop the admirable work of MUFON investigations?

Daisy Campbell - The Cosmic Trigger Play w/ Alan Moore


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Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura - Skinwalker Ranch

Skinwalker Ranch, Robert Bigelow, MUFON, John B. Alexander, Aliens

Jerry Pippin Interviews James Clarkson 7/19/2011 - MUFON

In Part One of this interview James Clarkson talks about his 25 years of UFO investigations, most of it with MUFON as Washington State Director. In January (2010) he began to realize that this UFO organization had become infiltrated by people with an agenda to disrupt the movement and feed misinformation to the public. This was the "straw that broke the Camel's back" according to Clarkson. The episode is explained in detail and Clarkson's views on UFOs and governmental involvement is expressed by him in a direct manner.

In Part Two the discussion goes to computer security at MUFON itself and some interesting facts are revealed: has MUFON become too much like a corporation and not a volunteer organization? Then James tells Jerry about some of the cases he has covered over the past 25 years.

Jerry Pippin Interviews James Carrion 2/7/2011 - Influence on the MUFON Board

In 2009, billionaire entrepeneur Robert Bigelow decided to hire MUFON to conduct UFO investigations on behalf of his new venture, BAASS, an alleged aerospace company interested in discovering and exploiting novel and cutting edge technologies that relate to space travel. James Carrion was the International Director of MUFON before Clifford Clift. During his tenure an agreement was signed with BAASS, an aerospace company involved in developing commercial space travel.

In this program Carrion discusses openly with Jerry some details in the agreement and some of the events when this contract was in effect. He tells why it was discontinued. He also goes into detail about why he thinks there is influence on the MUFON board and their operation of the UFO reporting organization. The influence he says is from the US Government. He also tells why he has gone public and tells Jerry what he wants to happen with MUFON.

Jerry Pippin Interviews Clifford Clift 2/4/2011 - The Rapid Change of Directors at MUFON

Part 1 - Clifford Clift, International Director for MUFON talks with Jerry about why there has been a shake up in several State Director's positions. He candidly goes down the list and gives his side to the story. Clifford Clift stepping down as International Director on January 31, 2012. David MacDonald, member of MUFON's board of Directors and State Director for Kentucky replaced Clift as International Director (ID) February 1, 2012.

Part 2 - Cifford tells the details between MUFON and the Robert Bigelow organization in Las Vegas and explains when the agreement ended. He discusses what MUFON has done to replace this rapid response team offered by BAASS and talks about what has happened in cases being investigated in the past year including an encounter with a 3-and-a-half foot tall ET. Then the discussion focuses in on whether or not there is an effort by USG agencies to destroy MUFON.

Jerry Pippin Interviews Elaine Douglass 7/16/2011 - MUFON: A Tool of the US Government?

Elaine Douglass was a 25-year member of MUFON. She was MUFON state director for Washington, DC and Utah. Elaine was one of 4 state directors and 2 assistant state directors purged from MUFON in December 2010. In this program Elaine lays out some of the things she has discovered about the UFO organization and she reveals some incidents, names of people who have tried to prevent release of some UFO material to the public and other items on why she believes MUFON has been compromised and has become a tool of the US Government.

In part two Elaine reveals information she has that one of the Board of Directors has taken money to make sure a case disappeared, and notes that Robert Bigelow bought Brian Vike's UFO reporting business after the deal with MUFON fell through.

In part three Elaine discusses some of the personalities in MUFON's upper levels of management and reveals information that she believes is true that shows some of the fast track investigations go straight to one of the alphabet agencies of the US Government and she believes certain people in MUFON are aware of it.

Spectrum Radio Network Interviews Elaine Douglass 3/8/2011 - The Re-Formation of MUFON

Elaine Douglass talks about her 25+ year history in MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and how Robert Bigelow entered into an agreement to buy the files from MUFON and how the elite board members have been acting more like a dictatorship than a group of volunteers with the common purpose of collecting UFO reports and allowing the public to view them. Several State Directors have spoken out about the "new MUFON" and their "Star Team" of UFO field investigators. Elaine spoke about the possibility that MUFON has now become just another intelligence agency asset.

Project Camelot Interviews Bob Fiske about MUFON

"This is an interview with a former MUFON investigator of 10 years with a background in law enforcement. He is blowing the whistle on how MUFON is currently operating and how he was treated when he reported his own UFO sighting. For many years it has been common knowledge around our sector that MUFON, like many organizations is heavily infiltrated at the upper levels by NSA and CIA. This interview adds a first hand account to that perception."
-Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

MUFON Research Director Robert Powell at the Austin Center for Spiritual Living 3/29/2014: UFOs & Government

Sponsored by the Anomaly Archives and INACS (Institute for Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies)

Robert Powell has been the Director of Research at MUFON since 2007 and is also the head of MUFON's Science Review Board. He is an active Field Investigator in the state of Texas having completed over 120 investigations and is a MUFON Star Team member. He is one of two authors of the detailed radar/witness report on the Stephenville Lights. Robert is also a member of the Society for Scientific Exploration, the National Space Society, and the Académie d'Ufologie. Robert is active with FOIA requests to various government organizations to obtain information on historical cases and is a co-author of a book published in July 2012: UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry.

Audio/Video by Floyd Anderson & Robert Price