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Project Camelot Interviews Aaron McCollum 1/9/2010: Yemen, The Gulf of Aden & Operation Stargate

Aaron McCollum is a third generation member of Project Talent, the MKUltra program used to develop psychic warriors and supersoldiers by the secret government. He is coming forward to speak about the Stargate in the Gulf of Aden and the information he is getting in this regard from secret sources, his own intuition and his conclusions based upon research.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Osama Bin Laden Calls for Action on Global Warming

By Floyd Anderson
January 29, 2010

Osama Bin Laden, the dead leader of al-CIAda, has recently released two audio tapes to scare us all into going along with the NWO ambitions to create a new global order.

In last week's audio tape Osama endorsed the Christmas Undie Bomber, reminding us that the Global War on Terror is still ongoing and that we should give up more of our rights and expand the war into more countries to keep us safe. Kenyan-born pharaoh messiah Barack Obama, who denounced the Christmas Undie Bomber, also reminded us that the Global War on Terror is still ongoing and that we should give up more of our rights and expand the war into more countries to keep us safe.

In a new tape just released, Osama has called for action on Global Warming and for the further destruction of the US economy, positions both shared by US President Obama.

The message is clear. The people of the world must support the War on Terror, the War on Global Warming, and the War on the US Economy if we are ever going to achieve the global utopia envisioned by our reptilian masters.

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The Rainbow Road

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Bye Bye GNN

According to GNN's Stephen Marshall the Guerrilla News Network's last day is today 1/10/2010.

What a brutal odyssey it has been.

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Alex Collier's Moon & Mars Lecture

This is the complete Moon & Mars lecture by Alex Collier.

Quotes: "there is a lot going on" "people need to know" "it involves extraterrestrials who are interested in us as souls" "our moon is an artificial satellite. in fact it is a spacecraft" "it has the ability to leave our orbit under its own power" "our solar system has been engineered. built and engineered" "this battle that's been going on has been going on for approximately 3.8 billion years between reptilian races and human races" "they try to control life forms through manipulating their genetics. we have also been subject to that" "in our physical form right now, in our genetics, we have within us the dna of 22 different extraterrestrial races" "we have all of this inside of us. plus the fact that we're coupled with spirit, and this is something that the greys have a major problem with" "there is life in all of these systems surrounding us. they have been coming here for years" "they don't want you to know who you are, because the minute we wake up the game is over. they cannot control us" "there are 9 artificial moons in our solar system" "our earth is in fact hollow" "the radiation of the sun is what causes gravity on planets" "many of the pictures were faked because the pictures that the astronauts took there was stuff all over the place. they couldn't hide it. yes they did go" "our moon does not turn on its axis" "when Kennedy said we are going to send men to the moon, part of our government, primarily the NSA, was already there" "you don't hear much about the Russian space program but let me tell you something they are a major player" "they don't work for us. neither does the NSA. they work for international bankers who are the new priesthoods for extraterrestrials" "there are 4 pyramids on the moon" "I am told that there are 35,000 full-time human beings from Earth living on the moon and they are Aryans by birth" "they're also there with extraterrestrials. between the moon and our Earth there are 18,000 greys here" "apparently Mars has been inhabited off and on as a base" "when we get there, when we as a race get there, publicly get there, we will find that there were dinosaurs" "there are two groups leaving crop circles" "these are 3 more pyramids that are lined up just like Giza" "Phobos is an artificial moon. this is where the majority of the 2,000 real greys that are left are hiding out" "Phobos is a major anomaly because it goes counterclockwise to everything else in our solar system" "this is about self responsibility. that's what this whole thing is about" "according to the Andromedans our planet could comfortably handle a population of 11 billion if we didn't squander our natural resources and we went to free energy. the free energy has been suppressed forever"

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The Freezone 11/7/2009

Part 10

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