Friday, July 30, 2010

Run Like Hell

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Dark Star Planet X Theory - Andy Lloyd on Coast to Coast AM 8/18/2008

The 'Dark Star' Theory
Researcher Andy Lloyd discussed his 'Dark Star Theory,' the Anunnaki & Nibiru, and Planet X, as well as his recent novel Ezekiel One. In February, he spoke at the Return of Planet X Conference held in Rome, and found that many of the Italian attendees were terrified about the possibility of a rogue planet heading our way in 2012, and suspicious that governments were covering up information about Planet X.

Lloyd's dark star theory proposes that a sub brown dwarf is a kind of companion star to our sun and exists in the far reaches of the solar system between the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud. He estimated that it's some 500 to 1,000 astronomical units away (our sun is 1 astronomical unit away from Earth). The dark star could have vast magnetic and gravitational fields that interact with the sun, and recent anomalies detected in the outer solar system, could be evidence of its presence.

Further, the brown dwarf may be orbited by its own moons, some of which might contain life. One of these moons could be the planet referred to by Zecharia Sitchin as Niburi, the home world of the Annunaki. Lloyd incorporated the Annunaki as characters in his book Ezekiel One, exploring the idea that aliens are living among us. His novel, a conspiracy thriller, is set in the last months of 2012, and deals with government secrecy and Planet X.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Samsonite = Mason Site

The two gargoyle sculptures inside the Denver International Airport are in suitcases with the word Samsonite on them. Samsonite is an anagram for Mason site.

This airport has a Masonic dedication capstone for the New World Airport Commission and a large underground facility beneath it.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Anomalous Phenomenon Over China / Khazakhstan, June / July 2010

There is no shortage of weird shit going on these days. I think the passing of the 2nd Sun and Planet Nibiru may be the reason but I ain't for certain. There's all these sinkholes opening up and there are all these earthquakes occurring and there's unusual light phenomena and spirals showing up in the sky.

The Charlie Hodge Rock n Roll Half-Time Show 7/15/2010 - Know Your Bush

Know Your Bush, Dubya-Style
KLBJ 93.7 FM Charlie Hodge & Chickenwing

Space Telescope Spots 25,000 New Asteroids

Comets, brown dwarfs also seen as WISE ends first full sky scan


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Friday, July 09, 2010

Flights Diverted, Delayed as UFO Detected Hovering Over China

A photo taken by a resident in Hangzhou shows an unidentified flying object hovering over Hangzhou, capital of East China's Zhejiang province, late Wednesday, July 7, 2010. [Photo/Metro Express]

People's Daily Online
July 09, 2010

An unidentified flying object (UFO) disrupted air traffic over Zhejiang's provincial capital Hangzhou late on Wednesday, the municipal government said on Thursday.

Xiaoshan Airport was closed after the UFO was detected at around 9 pm, and some flights were rerouted to airports in the cities of Ningbo and Wuxi , said an airport spokesman, who declined to be named.

The airport had resumed operations, and more details will be released after an investigation, he said.

A source with knowledge of the matter, however, told China Daily on Thursday that authorities had learned what the UFO was after an investigation.

But it was not the proper time to publicly disclose the information because there was a military connection, he said, adding that an official explanation is expected to be given on Friday.

Inbound flights were diverted to the nearby airports in Zhejiang province's Ningbo and Jiangsu province's Wuxi. Outbound flights were delayed for three to four hours.

A staff member at the airport's information desk said the airport had "no idea" how many flights were affected by the closure.

At around 11 pm on Wednesday, a netizen wrote three entries announcing the airport's closure in

his microblog at, but they were all soon deleted.

He posted an apology at midnight, saying the news had not been confirmed and asking those who had republished his earlier entries to delete them.

Source: China Daily(By Yang Yijun)

Monday, July 05, 2010

The Soundgarden Nibiru Connection

Floyd Anderson
The Rabbit Hole
July 5, 2010

Soundgarden is reuniting this year. They will be taking the stage at 8:00 pm on 8/8/2010 at Lollapalooza in Chicago, and they are soon going to release an unreleased song entitled Black Rain. As Lucus has pointed out, Soundgarden has made multiple references that connect with the idea of the return of the destroyer star.

I have wondered for years when listening to Black Hole Sun what the heck they were referring to, and as I sat there watching Lucus' Brave New Books presentation where he connects that Soundgarden seems to be communicating something about the return of this dark star, black sun, brown dwarf, Nibiru, Planet X event that may be coming it all seemed to make some sense in a way that I had not previously thought of when listening to their music, watching their videos, checking out their album art, etc.

The black hole sun could be a companion to the sun that has been our one and only sun to so many of us living on Earth for thousands of years. Perhaps it rather is a binary solar system with two suns that we are living in and perhaps some people know quite a lot about the cyclical retun of this celestial body to our neighborhood of the solar system.

The symbolism from Soundgarden is definitely quite interesting to me and I feel like they are tuned in to something of great importance. I'm picking up all-seeing-eye and pyramid symbolism which to me indicates a recognizing of the hidden elite knowledge and the black hole sun could certainly be a dark star companion to the sun in our solar system that returns for one more time around every so many years. I've noticed the repeated triangle within a spiral symbol coming from Soundgarden.

In addition to the Black Hole Sun video, another video of theirs that really makes me think they are trying to send a message about the Destroyer Star / Nibiru event is Burden in my Hand. They both involve turbulence coming from the skies above and the end of the Burden in My Hand video even ends with the band entering into what looks like an underground shelter in a desert region and it certainly makes me think about the Denver New World Airport and everything there that is suggesting that it could be an underground protection facility.

I've mentioned Nibiru, the Destroyer Star, etc. , but to be honest it's hard to say exactly what the hell it is. It seems to be some kind of series of cosmic events involving celestial bodies passing through our neighborhood of the solar system. Perhaps the destroyer star is the largest of the returning bodies and perhaps it is a brown dwarf star. Nibiru may be a planet that is orbiting this star, and there could certainly be a few planets and moons altogether that are orbiting it.

With lyrics like "down below the truth is lying beneath the river bed" and "all my friends are Indians, all my friends are brown and red" it makes me think Soundgarden is in some way tuned in with the ancients, a similar feeling I have about Lucus.

It is the ancients who can teach us about the cyclical catastrophes that occur to our world.

The Burden in My Hand video has a number of connections to this event as Lucus has described it that I have found to be significant. It's got the dead fish and pile of bones in the desert, the underground shelter facility, the tugging at the heart, and it is not that far of a stretch to see the word Nibiru in the characters on the tail of the airplane that is buried in the sand.

I often have wondered if the idea of the new world order is referring to the agenda of the elites to try and ensure that a high level of control is in place before this event occurs, and is ultimately concerned with the desire to seize this opportunity to emerge in a desired level of extreme control over the human population.

How far does the system of control go and how weird are things really?

I am encountering so many synchronicities involving my experiences related to Lucus' presentation at Brave New Books that I am following this topic and seeing where it goes.