Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Battle for the Republic - Trailer (2007)

Alex Jones' Battle For The Republic exposes how the elite are using illegal immigration and pushing amnesty as a means of pulverizing the American middle class and ensuring that U.S. citizens, black, white and hispanic alike, are forced to sacrifice their freedom and sovereignty as America is sunk into a third world cesspool.

The mini-documentary lifts the lid on how the backlash against rampant illegal immigration in America is a major concern for the Bilderberg Group, posing a threat to their plans to lower the living standards of U.S. citizens of all colors and creeds into second or even third world status.

What is the real agenda behind last year's massive pro-illegal immigration demonstrations and who is really behind them? Battle For the Republic traces the legacy of the movement back to the Plan of San Diego, a shocking blueprint for race-based genocide directed against blacks and whites in America.

The goal is to divide America by bankrolling the Aztlan movement, an extremist separatist plan on behalf of Mexican Ku Klux Klan style groups like Mecha and La Raza to "reclaim" the southern and western U.S. states, in order to eventually merge America, Canada and Mexico into a North American Union.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Life Extension Technologies To Facilitate Elite Technocracy

Malthusian rulers' obsession with eugenics and population control to render humanity obsolete, say leading scientific pioneers

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The development of successful life-extension technologies will be a reality within 30 years, but the application of such stunning advances will be tightly restricted by a ruling elite, and eventually may be used as a justification to completely wipe out humanity, according to some of the scientific community's leading pioneers.

A recent article carried by the Methuselah Foundation, an organization that advocates the development of life extension and nanomachinery technology, concludes that life-extension technology and "(greatly) augmenting our biology with nanomachinery" will have arrived by the 2030s, but that "The new bio- and nanotechnologies of the 2040s will be massive overkill for the "simple" task of repairing the damage of aging."

The report concludes that the greatest obstacle in the field is not the development but the application of such technology, suggesting that living for hundreds of years is inevitable only for the wealthy elite.

Pressure groups pushing for more widespread funding of life-extension technology research seem to be constantly frustrated by the fact that major global scientific institutions seek to contain progress within very selective parameters and are very reticent to encourage more open access to the field.

Those who advocate the necessity to mainstream life-extension technology research are keen to tackle the red herring of overpopulation, which is often cited as a reason to restrict the availability of such advances.

As the Fight Aging organization is keen to stress, the specter of overpopulation is a con game used by the elite to keep their subservient and enslaved population in poverty.

The fact is that population growth naturally declines and reverses with increasing wealth, industrialization and the creation of a strong middle class.

So it turns out that if 5% of the United States were converted into urban area with a population density of 6,000/km2, and 45% were converted into suburban area with a population density of 2,000/km2, with the remaining 50% left for rural area, parks, and farms, there would be enough room for 3 billion in the urban areas, and 9 billion in the suburban areas, for a total population of 12 billion. This is in the US alone. This scheme could be extended to the other countries and continents for a total population of around 100 billion. Everything between the Arctic and Antarctic circles are potential targets for colonization. This is about 130,000,000 km2 of land area (the circumpolar regions have about 20,000,000 km2 of land).

The planet would be perfectly able to sustain many more billions than currently occupy the earth if third world nations were allowed to industrialize and raise their living standards, but the elite, keen to protect a policy that exploits the third world and plunders their resources, are loathe to accept this and thus have to resort to scaremongering about the population bomb in order to maintain the status quo.

But there's another reason why the architects of the eugenics movement and the global warming bandwagon need to promulgate the hoax of the population bomb - to restrict access to life extension technologies, and pave the way for the "overkill" that their use will be directed towards during the second stage of their development.

Once a monopoly on the development of these new technologies is guaranteed, the stage will be set for the elite to render humanity all but obsolete and begin their long desired final solution - the elimination of the vast majority if not all of the human population.

As Sun Microsystems founder Bill Joy outlines in his essay, Why The Future Doesn't Need Us, once every aspect of human society is automated and operated solely by machines and robots - a foregone conclusion according to most futurists - and control of the machines is concentrated within a tiny elite, the rest of us will be superfluous and subject to elimination.

Since those without access to the life-extension technologies will be considered luddites and nothing more than a burden on the utopian technocracy that the elite have crafted, our fate is sealed.

The only other plausible scenario is that a small number of humans who are permitted to survive will be biologically or psychologically engineered by the same automated system the elite have created, meaning our roles will hold little more significance than domesticated animals.

These are not the ravings of paranoid conspiracy theorists scared to face the future, they form the modern-day cutting edge of futurist debate in the scientific fields of nanotechnology and trans-humanism.

Next time, we will investigate how the rise of the robots ties into trans-humanism and what it means for those of us who choose to become the "luddites" by rejecting synthetic body augmentation.

Friday, October 05, 2007

BBC One Boss Quits Over Queen Row

BBC News
Friday, 5 October 2007

BBC One controller Peter Fincham has resigned after an investigation into footage that misrepresented the Queen.

A documentary trailer was edited out of sequence, and Mr Fincham wrongly told the press it showed the monarch walking out of a photo session "in a huff."

A report into the incident has blamed "misjudgements, poor practice and ineffective systems."

The programme was made by production company RDF Media, whose chief creative officer Stephen Lambert has also quit.

Mr Fincham said he resigned because: "From the outset it was clear as controller of the channel I took responsibility for what had happened.

"I thought that was the right thing to do, the honourable thing to do."

He insisted the BBC had "acted in good faith" and admitted leaving after only two-and-a-half years was "probably shorter than I would have liked."

He added: "Blame is spread in many different directions. Errors were made at different levels by different people at different times."

Former BBC executive Will Wyatt wrote the report into A Year with the Queen. He said he did not think "anyone consciously set out to defame or misrepresent the Queen in the tape."

But the report said a "fuse was inexcusably lit when RDF edited the footage of the Queen in a cavalier fashion."

It added that whoever had handled the issue had been "slow to appreciate the magnitude and import of the mistake."

Mr Fincham knew the trailer misrepresented the Queen at 7pm on the evening of the press screening, it said - but a correcting statement was not put out until the following day.

By that time, the news of the Queen "storming out" had already become a big story. The delay in admitting the error was "mistake made by the BBC," Mr Wyatt said.

'Misleading information'

Responding to the report, BBC director general Mark Thompson said: "Serious mistakes were made, which put misleading information about the Queen into the public domain.

"That is why we are determined to take all necessary steps to address the shortcomings set out in this report."

BBC Trust chairman Sir Michael Lyons said the report revealed that "serious errors of judgement were made and that proper controls were not applied."

An independent review will also be carried out, he said, while the BBC has compiled a series of new measures in an attempt to tighten editorial standards.

In his resignation letter, Mr Fincham said it was "with great regret" that he had quit.

"Whilst I leave the channel with great sadness, I am tremendously proud of what I and my team have achieved," he said.

BBC Two controller Roly Keating will take over as acting controller of BBC One.

In Mr Lambert's resignation statement, he said he was "taking responsibility for RDF's involvement in the BBC's so-called 'Queengate' affair."

"It was clear to me several weeks ago that, regardless of the inquiry's conclusions, it would be in the best interests of RDF that I should resign once the report was published," he said.

In the trailer, photographer Annie Leibovitz was seen telling the Queen she would look better without her tiara because "the Garter robe is so..."

Before she could say anything else, the Queen replied, pointing to what she was wearing: "Less dressy. What do you think this is?"

The clip then cut to the Queen walking through Buckingham Palace, saying to her lady-in-waiting "I'm not changing anything. I've had enough dressing like this, thank you very much," implying she had stormed off from the portrait session.

But in fact, that clip was filmed before the exchange over the tiara.

The footage, which was revealed at the press launch for BBC One's autumn schedule in July, was not intended to be seen and was shown in error, the BBC said.

At that time, Mr Fincham insisted he was not planning to resign.