Monday, September 12, 2011

Charlie Hodge and Matt Sadler Silenced by KLBJ FM

By Floyd Anderson
September 12, 2011

Charlie FN Hodge and Matt Lil' Beefer Chicken Wing Sadler, Austin's dynamic duo of radio hilarity, have been kicked off the air by Emmis Communications / KLBJ 93.7 FM.

In a breathtaking display of draconian censorship, the once loved bastion of laid-back rock KLBJ FM has now gone the route of the Johnny Dallas / L.A. Dumbfaces that Hodge has long warned us about. These types of corporate boot lickers are like evil snails that leave a slimy trail of homogenization and hair gel wherever they go.

Visit Charlie's website for more information.

Hodge and Chicken Wing were on the air weekdays from 10 am to 2 pm on the Charlie Hodge Rock and Roll Halftime Show, a genius blend of midday rock, news, contests, and belly shaking, unapologetic snortin', laugh out loud comedy that was the bright spot of many Austinites work day.

Scott Gillmore, VP Market Manager for Emmis Communications, gave a ludicrous statement about the show's cancellation, stating that “Charlie and Matt are both incredibly talented individuals and we wish them the absolute best in their future endeavors. Unfortunately, the ‘Halftime Show’ never did what we needed in the ratings to be truly successful and, although Charlie has many fans, there is no station playing all the great rock music that is part of KLBJ-FM’s heritage during the workday.”

Here's the problem Scotty boy. Charlie Hodge was voted the best radio host in Austin by the Austin Chronicle's 2010 Readers Poll. Kinda scum-a-pults your excuse right out of here now don't it? You can't trick us with your smooth talking mind control.

Hodge is the real deal and on his show he would tell it like it is. I personally have FN Hodge up there with the greats like Bill Hicks, Kinky Friedman, Doug Stanhope, and Joe Rogan. The Rock and Roll Halftime Show would feature phone calls from local personalities including the Buda redneck Leon, and alternative media giant Alex Jones.

The show was a soul warming display of brilliantly down-to-earth comedians who have a pair and like to rock. It reminds me of a nice meal at Threadgill's. Feels good and right, and it rocks. The spirit of Austin...silenced by someone out there. Someone decided this must come to an end.

Here is an Alex Jones Freedom Nugget to help you remember the good old days of Charlie FN Hodge fielding the weekly call of news updates from Alex Jones.

That's some real stuff ain't it? Alright, here is a recent segment from Charlie and Chicken Wing just before they were silenced. I still can't believe what's happened. Somebody somewhere has caused mass misery.

Remember those Amazon Olympics? Tall ladies in bikinis at a Charlie Hodge Rock and Roll Show competition full of Dos XX beer? It's the thing of genius. This must live on. The Rock and Roll Halftime Show must continue.

Just look at the comments from real people outraged by this tyranny:


J. Keith Davis said...

I'm a born, bread, bleeding maroon Fightn Texas Aggie that cherished KLBJ's Charlie and Matt's radio program.

Deleting The Charlie Hodge Halftime Show on KLBJ FM is a devastating blow to fantastic creativity. The hillarionism generation was absolutely genious. I purposely traced the show on the internet during my travels to generate new ideas of my own while thoroughly being entertained by a great Austin influence.

Loosing Charlie and Matt is a big full buck of suck. Some how such creativity should be able made to prosper. That was such a treasure.

J. Keith Davis BSEE

J. Keith Davis said...

After waiting several months to observe so called "research comments", I've conclude the research is wrong. The value to the Halftime product brought in listeners far outside KLBJ's radar and listenership. Former KLBJ listeners have now returned to former stations.

J. Keith Davis BSEE

Floyd Anderson said...

I think they were lying about his ratings for sure. His fanbase is very big.

For KLBJ to delete all of Charlie's archives from their site is a hateful and shitty move. There must have been something that happened between them.

I've been listening to Charlie's new podcast show online but I miss hearing the Halftime Show on the radio.

It was absolutely a treasure to hear him coming through on the radio while driving around town. It would make me feel so damn good. It's kind of hard to explain, but it gave me a feeling that humanity was evolving having Hodge on the radio. His attitude and humor are so real and so hilarious.

KLBJ is bland now. I guess that's what they want.

Floyd Anderson said...

I like Kirsten though ;)

but it is a damn big full buck of suck that the halftime show is gone.

It's just part of all the shit that's going on with the new world order control freaks and their reptile masters.....squashing the spirit of free humanity. We'll outgrow and outsmart them and their silly negative games, but the fact is that Hodge should be back on the radio. Maybe on 91.7 FM. That's what I listen to most nowadays. John Erler is awesome. Charlie just had him on the Hodgecast, episode #99.

Anonymous said...

I was a halftime show fan but the management explanation was partially correct. They're the only station in austin playing rock. And with Hodge's show, there was effectively no rock music on the air in Austin until 2pm. Him and the morning show really only played a couple songs an hour. A better solution would have been shortening Hodge's show, maybe in half.

Floyd Anderson said...

Whatever dude. 101X plays rock. The Rock and Roll Halftime Show was the best thing on the Austin airwaves, although I do like listening to Mr. Jones, and I felt so good driving around to lunch and listening to Charlie and Chickenwing. I want KLBJ to bring back the show!!!

Floyd Anderson said...

What am I thinking, FN Hodge does have a radio show. I just keep forgetting to listen. The Hodge Happy Hour on 104.9 The Horn. Looks like it's at 7:00 pm Mon-Wed. No archives on their website. Damn! I wish 91.7 KOOP had archives on their website too. I want to hear some of Mirna's interviews again.

Online Hodgecasts available here:

Floyd Anderson said...

Charlie FN Hodge was fired today by 104.9 The Horn

Unknown said...

The reason why Charlie FN Hodges's halftime show got cancelled. It had more ratings and a larger fan base in one hour than the boring ass four hours of Dudley and Bob. Plain and simple! Charlie was kicking their ass and the corporate elites didn't have the balls to cancel the morning show because they are paying Dudley and Bob a lot of cash and it being one of the longest running morning shows in Austin. For that, I refuse to listen to KLBJ 93.7!

Anonymous said...

i listened to charlie and matt everyday while at work and absolutely loved it. it made my days so much better. i didnt care at all about not having overplayed 40 year old music not being played for hours and hours. i have not listened to klbj since they stopped the half time show, and never will. they can rott in hell.