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Elementary Student Threatened with Psychiatric Evaluation After Visiting 9/11 Websites

Aaron Dykes / Jones Report | November 8, 2006

The fifth grade student who was recently disciplined for accessing 9/11 websites at school, such as, may now be forced to undergo psychiatric evaluation.

10 year-old Mark was not punished, the discipline report shows, for breaking school rules or being "off task," but rather because his principal says the webpages in his cache were "inappropriate."

Sites listed in the report include '9/11 Cover-Up', 'Alex Jones' Martial Law' and 'NY 9/11 Truth', among others.

According to the Steiner Ranch Elementary Student & Parent Handbook, students are restricted from accessing websites considered to be 'abusive, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, harassing, damaging to another's reputation, or illegal'-- thus and other websites were not against school rules.

Instead, punishing "inappropriate" behavior is a subjective assault on the free speech of students like Mark. True free speech and any expression of alternate viewpoints is-- unofficially-- a threat to what schools have become.

According to Mark's father, he is being made "an example for not going along with the program."

While on Alex Jones' nationally-syndicated radio program today, Mark's father said the school approached him about a complete assessment of his son's psychological make-up.

After seeing some of the questions on the test, however, his father refused. "I'm not going to subject my son to this," he told Jones. "They are criminalizing normal behavior."

Mark's father says he was put on drugs when he was younger and it made him "a zombie." His mother realized the effects it was causing and took him off the medication-- for which Mark's father is grateful.

He admits that his son is not perfect, but thinks his son's punishment was out of line.

"He is curious; he's not a follower," said Mark's father. But he was "shocked" that was considered to be an 'inappropriate' website. "It's outrageous," he added.

Schools already set-up student computers with strict filters that block objectionable content. Why, then, was Assistant Principal Amy Moore shocked that a legitimate website like Infowars was not blocked by such filters?

Perhaps students are meant to be fearful that any website they visit could be randomly deemed 'inappropriate', regardless of its content.

Students are already enticed by the taboo concept of blocked content on the Internet-- and schools invite trouble by setting up open time for surfing the web, despite the protection offered by content filters.

Schools should be ready, then, to be flexible with what students might see in that setting.

Instead, they seem quite willing to build up an 'ad hoc' list of miscellaneous misdeeds students will not even recognize as 'misbehavior'. How, then, will such a student recognize the justification for his punishment?

Steiner Ranch Elementary student Mark was assigned to 'detention' during recess as punishment, after being sent to the principal's office and made to sit in the hall, all for looking up information on a '9/11 cover up.'

This is just an apt example in a nation-wide pattern wherein the Thought Police suppress student's thoughts, statements and politically incorrect views and demand simple obedience.

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9/11 Pentagon Strike

CAD Rendering of a Boeing 757 at the crash site

The lawn received minimal damage

The size of the entry and exit holes sugggest that a small aircraft or missle hit the pentagon, rather than a 757 commercial airliner

9/11 Pentagon Strike

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There’s no black and white, left and right to me anymore; there’s only up and down and down is very close to the ground.

Surreal Appeal Bounce
...............and it continues..........imagery spectacle finger pointing running and ducking and bouncing don’t tell me what to do whahooooa whoa this big favorite wall that says whaaaaaaaat? drinking colorful you’re gonna bounce right off go ahead and keep looking at me like that I know that’s phony and I’ll tell you why kerouac rimbaud thomas ginsberg guthrie williams ledbetter johnson polka dots and cigarettes hippin hoppin I’ll be free don’t stop now or look back what kind of friend is this? adding color you’re damn right keep stressing about your perfection, I’m looking for something else it’s got less to do with those critics are you sure you’re having fun? I’m not either but I’ve had some good laughs no limit throw down those chains you’ve created open up keep your head you’re gonna be gone, take that seriously dig the beatles jingling open up dammit yes now dream after dream breath after breath
Floyd Anderson