Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pennsylvania Turnpike on Verge of 75 Year Lease to Spanish Toll Road Operator

$12.8 billion offer may say another piece of U.S. sold off to foreign investors

Steve Watson
Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Pennsylvania Turnpike may soon be more aptly referred to as the Barcelona Turnpike if a $12.8 billion proposal by a Spanish toll road operator is approved by the Pennsylvania Legislature.

Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell made the announcement yesterday that Abertis Infraestructuras of Barcelona won the right to operate the turnpike on a 75-year lease.

In making the largest bid ever for the private operation of a U.S. toll road, Abertis partnered with a subsidiary of U.S. investment bank Citigroup, and Spanish investment firm Criteria CaixaCorp, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The next-highest bid was $12.1 billion by New York's Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Transurban Group, Australia's second-largest toll-road operator.

"This bid will allow us to increase spending on roads, bridges and transit above what is in the current plan, Act 44, which includes plans to toll I-80," Rendell said at a press conference in Harrisburg. "This is a very good deal."

If the deal goes ahead, the Abertis/Citi consortium would also secure the right to raise tolls 25 percent next year and 2.5 percent or the rate of inflation every consecutive year. This would translate as an increase from $22.75 to travel 358 miles on the turnpike now, to at least $36.40 within a decade.

This is not the first time Rendell has attempted to lease the 537-mile (864-kilometer) turnpike. Last year saw a move to instigate a lease deal before the plans were eventually scuppered due to opposition from the Legislature. In response, Rendell signed into law Act 44, and began the much maligned "I-80 Project" which allowed the state to establish tolls on the 311-mile I-80. The I-80 Project, which has not yet gained federal approval, is expected to be scrapped should the Turnpike deal go ahead.

Legislative approval for the deal is expected to take months and much opposition from lawmakers is anticipated.

In recent years the Bush administration has overseen a policy of selling off key U.S. infrastructure to the highest bidder - in most cases foreign owned corporations. Virginia's Pocahontas Parkway and a Texas toll road from Austin to Sequin are just two of the roads to have been siphoned off to foreign companies who will all enjoy billions in profits from American citizens forced to pay the tolls, while others will be thrown off their land and have their property revoked without just compensation following the trend of recent eminent domain rulings.

2004 saw the management of the Chicago Skyway, a stretch of elevated road connecting I-90 and I-94, granted to Cintra, another Spanish operation that outbid Abertis at $1.83 billion. Abertis lost out to Cintra again when the Indiana Toll Road was taken over in 2006 for $3.85 billion.

Cintra, which in turn is owned by the King of Spain Juan Carlos, now has leases to operate the two roads for 99 and 75 years respectively. Cintra and it's partner Macquarie lost out on the Pennsylvania Turnpike as it registered a bid of just $8.1 billion.

Cintra/Macquarie also owns the contract for The Texas Department of Transportation's Trans Texas Corridor superhighway, a key link in the proposed internationalization of America's highway systems into a NAFTA Super Highway that many, including U.S. representatives, have warned would facilitate a move towards a North American Union.

Last year Macquarie agreed to buy dozens of newspapers in Texas and Oklahoma that had been harsh critics of the Trans Texas Corridor and were shedding light on the wider NAFTA highway agenda.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike is a key part of the infrastructure of the proposed Atlantic Corridor, one of four transport channels being promoted by coalitions of interest under the NAFTA umbrella.

The leases for these roads are being made possible through "public-private partnerships" (PPPs), now under the stewardship of the secretive Security and Prosperity Partnership, which operates without Congressional oversight.

Essentially government-sanctioned monopolies, PPPs are contracts between public agencies and private entities that enable private sector participation in public amenities such as roads, highways, transit routes, airports, pipelines, railways and train stations, river canal systems and port facilities, telecommunications networks and teleports.

The PPPs will seemingly expand to whatever the public owns – waste management, public parking facilities, even lotteries and sports stadiums. The USA is literally up for sale.

Former World Bank economist and Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz, has stated that the process of foreign corporations buying up U.S. infrastructure is part of the globalization endgame, where the America literally goes into receivership to other countries.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Future

new world order
a philosophic belief
peace for the masses = control of the masses
the end justifies the means
morality for them is winning
immorality is losing…..an immoral act is one that hurts the development of their plan for control.
therefore killing, stealing, lying, destroying, pain, misery, etc. are all justified as being moral if it is considered part of the means to their end: a power system of extreme control. What does exactly define extreme control? Is there a list of requirements…..the Georgia Guidestones? or will they pursue more and more control even if it means destroying themselves and all of humanity with them?
Do they view the masses of humanity as too wild and dumb to not be controlled?
Some decide to be in the service of this order for their own privilege, advantage, and status.
Harmonics of Healing, Reincarnation, Higher Dimensions, Well-being, Harmonics of Chakra Pedals, Sanskrit Alphabet, Harmonics of Celestial Bodies, Vibrations, Medical Astrology, Energetic Systems, Spiritual Advancement, Raising Your Frequency, Fear, Terrorism
big boys imploding and consolidating
destroy the dollar to bring in the amero
April 16, 2007 – Virginia Tech shootings – 33 dead
April 19, 2005 – Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger elected Pope Benedict
April 20, 1999 – Columbine High School shootings – 15 dead
April 19, 1995 – Oklahoma City bombing – 168 dead
April 19, 1993 – Waco massacre – 79 dead
April 15, 1955 – April 15 becomes income tax day for Americans
April 14, 1944 – Bombay Docks explosion – 500 dead
April 19, 1933 – FDR announces the U.S. will abandon the gold standard
April 14, 1912 – Titanic hits iceberg, sinks the next day – 1,520 dead
April 14, 1865 – Abraham Lincoln shot, dies the next day
April 19, 1775 – American Revolutionary War begins
I’m obsessed with the news. I’m a news junkie. I check it out day after day after day. More more more news. The whole fucking news spectacle. I want to check it out again and again and see what’s happened, see what’s up, how things are covered, how things are spun. I think about who’s lying and why. What they have to gain what they have to lose. The whole disturbing fucked up web of information
I started coming across some fucked up stuff and I started seeing lies all over the place. A fucking power structure built on deception and it fucking pissed me off and I started saying something and doing something about it and I started letting people know what’s up, and a lot of people have treated me like I’m an idiot.
rough entry into the real world
the harsh realizations, the anger, the arguments, the resentment, the hurt feelings, the misinterpretations, the anxiety, the tempers, the ugly truth
human herd mentality, follow leaders
promoting fear and dread, the very energy that the Illuminati and their
overlords “feed” on and require for their very existence
RICR – Alan Watt 10/14/2007
The Big Agenda. These plans were laid down a long time ago. The politicians are interchangable.
European Council on Foreign Relations has just recently been created (ECFR). Totalitarian propaganda rule modeled after CFR in U.S.
Royal Institute for International Affairs in Britain.
Rhodes Scholarship program for World Government based on the British model, the British Empire.
Cecil Rhodes set up the Rhodes Foundation for scholarships to pick not so much the brightest people, but bright enough but also who were involved in social issues at university, and they would be promoted for world leadership, and they be merged with the Lord Alfred Milner group the Round Table Society, and they became the nucleus for this world system.
They are also the ones who put forward the League of Nations and then the United Nations, they helped draft up the constitutions for them.
World government.
Genesis Gene of Isis.
George Soros front man for the Rothschilds.
Foundations, charitable organizations – funnel large amounts of money into foundations without taxation, exemption laws as far as disclosure of bookkeeping.
Albert Pike: collect money by any means possible and then we shall become masters over the masters of the world.
Adam Weishaupt: we shall create huge foundations which then will put out charitable organizations which will be political leader organizations in reality and fund them heavily and they will demand laws will get passed all in line with our agenda.
The occult hide behind good works.
It’s very hard for the average person to see behind the charity to the con game going on behind the charity.
These foundations work together.
Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, and others were involved in the creation of the Nazi party and the war machine.
NGO – non-governmental organization.
endgame end of times dawn of aquarius Mayan calendar ends are we about to face what Atlantis faced are we about to endure a pole shift are the oceans about to rise and swallow us cyclical spinning calendar repeat is planet x roaring back towards us and who are we anyways is the asteroid belt between mars and jupiter the remnants of planet tiamot what has happened before and after am i some kind of hybrid what’s going on with my pineal gland and reptilians and demons and gravity should we head for the mountains or plan for underground cities who wants to think about it who can be trusted who’s in charge here is it the penis of the dragon or the head of the jesuits or the seed of the universe illumination enlightenment who’s in the way of a solution for survival……
buy the ticket, take the ride
This is not going to be dull.

The Warehouse 5/14/08

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Elitist Blueprint For World Government Revealed

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, May 1, 2008

A new book written by a leading globalist luminary provides a blueprint for how 6,000 elitists plan to completely end national sovereignty, impose a system of global governance, and how they will deal with an international network of people that resist their agenda.

Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making is a manifesto for how the elite plan to shape the course of the planet and impose a new world order while combating the inevitable "global network of antiglobalists" who will rise up against it.

The author of the book, David J. Rothkopf, is a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and has previously served as the Deputy Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade during the administration of Bill Clinton before he became managing director of Kissinger and Associates in January 1996.

A Salon.com review alarmingly details the brazen premise of Rothkopf's book - a global elite now run the planet and have usurped the power of national governments while ensuring laws constrained by borders are all but obsolete.

A Salon.com review alarmingly details the brazen premise of Rothkopf's book - a global elite now run the planet and have usurped the power of national governments while ensuring laws constrained by borders are all but obsolete.

"Each one of them is one in a million. They number six thousand on a planet of six billion. They run our governments, our largest corporations, the powerhouses of international finance, the media, world religions, and, from the shadows, the world’s most dangerous criminal and terrorist organizations. They are the global superclass, and they are shaping the history of our time," states the promo for the book.

The threadbare notion that Rothkopf's book is a critical and impartial investigation of the global elite can be rejected out of hand just by looking at the author's biography - in reality he is a cherished insider.

Throughout the book Rothkopf fawns over the global elite of which he too is a member. The Salon review notes his "palpable thrill" at "recognizing CEOs, oil company executives and Harvard professors on his way to a fondue restaurant," in the globalist enclave of Davos, Switzerland and his obsession with listing every banal "achievement" of each elitist he speaks with.

According to the article, the kind of elitist celebrated in Rothkopf's book "have little need for national loyalty, view national boundaries as obstacles that thankfully are vanishing, and see national governments as residues from the past whose only useful function is to facilitate the elite's global operations."

Rothkopf himself concurs that laws and regulations defined by borders and nation states are obsolete and need to be replaced not by a global government but by "global governance". The fact that the ultimate goals of the two - the total elimination of national sovereignty - are essentially identical is not lost on globalists who know that a more subtle imposition of centralized control needs to be enacted in order to con the serfs into sacrificing their identity. A sharply defined "world government" is too visceral a concept and would attract fierce opposition, therefore a method of forcing countries to adopt harmonized policies of "global governance" is the new approach that globalists have embarked on.

Rothkopf ominously expresses the plan to mandate the "Registration and management of Internet domain names (via a collection of organizations)" under a global umbrella, which the informed will recognize as a bastardized version of Internet 2, where individuals require government permits to operate a website under tight regulation.

The article concedes that, "Rational as it may sound to set up such systems, they just aren't directly answerable to the populace at large -- they're undemocratic," which Rothkopf admits will give rise to rebellions and pave the way for more people like Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, who he labels as being part of "the global network of antiglobalists," and a man who has "made political theater out of taunting and thwarting the global elite."

Rothkopf's answer to the inevitable antagonism that will be directed towards the globalists as their agenda unfolds is to hoodwink the commoners into thinking they have influence in the new world order that is being built around them - a method otherwise known as the Delphi Technique, which is universally recognized as an underhanded and unethical ploy of achieving consensus through deception.

According to Rothkopf the, "Superclass ought to be smart enough to foresee any such crisis and head it off by doing more to make the currently disenfranchised feel like "stakeholders" in the new global order."

The fact that the same elitists Rothkopf affords such sycophantic adulation are also personally responsible for the policies that result in the slaughter of untold millions and the misery of countless others across the globe matters little to Rothkopf, who also has no qualms about including Osama Bin Laden in a group of 6,000 "global elite" who now control the world and "whose connections to each other have become more significant than their ties to their home nations and governments."

Superclass maintains that the elite, who mainly comprise "older males of European descent who graduated from prestigious Western colleges," are "an improvement on those of the past," but this rings hollow when we consider the state of the planet that they have crafted.

A million-plus dead Iraqis since 2003, a global economy in chaos and individual freedom under attack in every corner of the world suggests the much-vaunted global elite - worshipped in Rothkopf's book as saviors of the Earth - are more accurately parasites and a cancer upon humanity.

Watch Rothkopf give a lecture on the power of the global elite. He identifies Bohemian Grove as a key meeting venue for the globalists. Decide for yourself whether he is a fawning sycophant or an objective critic. Rothkopf creates a false paradigm by claiming that freedom is at the opposite end of the scale to justice and essentially argues that the world's problems can only be solved by moving away from freedom towards justice, which is a complete contradiction in terms.

Rothkopf's approach is to blame the world's problems on free-market capitalism and and imply that global elitists are a new phenomenon and therefore part of the solution, when in reality the elite created monopoly capitalism and have been a hidden-hand manipulating world events and offering solutions to problems they created for centuries.