Friday, October 30, 2009

Live From Shiva's Dance Floor

Live From Shiva's Dance Floor is a short documentary directed by acclaimed filmmaker Richard Linklater. The film follows Timothy "Speed" Levitch as he tours lower Manhattan and Ground Zero. Speed - a philosopher, historian and self-described "cruiser" - believes that "life is an ongoing opportunity for celebration." The film focuses on how he can reconcile that belief with the devastating events of 9-11 and how we as a city and a society can mourn yet move forward. It also incorporates Speed's unique vision of what should be done with the "sacred land" that is Ground Zero. This film was originally supposed to be part of an anthology of eight to ten films about 9-11 that the producers were working on for HBO. Their offices were in the Tribeca Film Center and everyday when they stepped out of the building and looked south, they saw the lights and cranes that populated Ground Zero. When the project fell through with HBO, the producers felt they still had something and decided to try and make the film independently. When the producers contacted Speed about the project, he thought Richard Linklater would be the perfect collaborator. Richard - who he knew from working on "Waking Life" - was immediately interested in the project and not only agreed to contribute his valuable time and considerable talents, but brought in some of his top colleagues as well. "Live From Shiva's Dance Floor" is Linklater's first documentary.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Roll Up Your Sleeves And Come And Get It!!

Sid the Science Kid and his classmates sing a song about the importance of submitting to the New World Order depopulation agenda! Now be a good slave and get your injection!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

Phelim McAleer Asks Al Gore About Significant Errors In An Inconvenient Truth

Irish documentary filmmaker Phelim McAleer, director of “Not Evil, Just Wrong,” a documentary challenging Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” asks about the errors in Al Gore’s film at the Society of Environmental Journalists Annual Conference. Gore plays the polar bear sympathy card and then Mr. McAleer’s microphone gets cut off. Though I have not seen McAleer’s film yet, I might have a little disagreement with the title because I view Al Gore as an evil demonic pigman.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Will NASA's 10/9 Moon Bombing Trigger A Conflict With ETs?

What do those freemasons over at NASA have in mind with this Friday's bombing of the moon? The official reason for doing this is to help determine if there is water on the moon. I keep hearing about the existence of UFOs, ETs and bases on the moon. It is something I'm very interested in and have been thinking about lately. I've also been thinking about Freeman's highlighting of 10/13/2009 as a date for a world changing event. Freeman has also talked about a coming space war. Today it hit me that it's almost 10/13 and between now and then NASA will supposedly be crashing a spacecraft into the Cabeus crater on the southern polar region of the moon. Cabeus A was the original destination for the impact and was formally announced by the LCROSS team on September 11, 2009, but then changed to Cabeus (proper). This could certainly result in a world changing event in the form of a retaliation strike against Earth, whether real or faked.

CORRECTION: Freeman highlighted 10/13/2008 as a date for a world changing event and not 10/13/2009. In focusing on the 10/13/2009 date it got me thinking about what could occur and then I started thinking through the possibilities based on what was happening in the news and I grabbed ahold of the LCROSS mission as something quite significant, and I connected Freeman’s notion of a coming space war with a possible problem-reaction-solution scenario coming from NASA’s moon bombing in which a real or faked retaliation strike could occur against earth which could lead to a perceived ET threat and all sorts of changes, for the worse no doubt, here on earth, which could certainly still happen despite my incorrect statement about the 10/13/09 date.

Freeman talks at Brave New Books about the coming space war propelled by the fear of the coming asteroid, Apophis

Recorded May 16th 2009 at Brave New Books in Austin Texas USA

UPDATE: Considering what happened on 10/13/2008, this article that I noticed Freeman posted from 10/13/2009 is very interesting:

The Historical Influence of International Banking

The first International Bankers were the Knights Templar, a secretive society created and sponsored by an even more secret society known as the Priory De Scion during the time of the Christian Crusades to recapture the Holy Lands from Muslim control.

On October 13 (the unlucky Friday the 13th), 1307, what may have been all the Knights Templar in France were simultaneously arrested by agents of Philip the Fair, to later be tortured into admitting heresy in the Order. The dominant view is that Philip, who seized the treasury and broke up the monastic banking system, was jealous of the Templars’ wealth and power, and sought to control it for himself.

Another weird link with Freemasonry and the Knights Templar came on Saturday, October 13, 1792, when a group of Masons, Hoban among them, laid the cornerstone of the White House.

Click here to listen to the 10/13/2009 broadcast of Radio Freeman

Click here to listen to the 10/10/2009 broadcast of The Free Zone


Well here it is Friday the 13th, and NASA announced today on 11/13 that their 10/9 moon bombing, which occurred 33 days before 11/11, indeed found there to be water on the moon.

“And we didn’t find just a little bit, we found a significant amount.”

Monday, October 05, 2009


New David Icke All-Day Events

David Icke Speaking in New Mexico in October

David will be speaking all day in Sante Fe on October 11th.

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David will be speaking for seven hours with more than 1,000 illustrations at the Orpheum Theater, Phoenix.

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All Day Talk in Sweden

David will be speaking in Gothenburg on Saturday, October 24th

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David Icke Speaking In Zurich on November 14th

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