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The Cruise (1998)

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Eric Jon Phelps Lecture - Vatican Assassins - 2002

We Are Not Alone - The David Icke Video Mashup

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Off to Secret Forum in Turkey

The Dallas Morning News | May 31, 2007
Christy Hoppe

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry is flying to Istanbul, Turkey, today to speak at the super-secret Bilderberg Conference, a meeting of about 130 international leaders in business, media and politics.

The invitation-only conference was started in 1954 and named for the Dutch hotel where the conference was first held. Those who attend promise not to reveal what was discussed, security is tight, and the press and public are barred.

The conference has been the subject of conspiracy theorists and even Christian groups who wonder about its influence.

Robert Black, the governor's press secretary, said the governor was invited to attend and speak about state-federal relations. Mr. Black dismissed the conspiracy theories.

"He's looking forward to learning the secret handshake," Mr. Black joked.

He said that Mr. Perry is paying for the trip and host hotel, usually among the top in the world, out of campaign contributions from his Texans for Rick Perry committee.

Previous speakers at the conference have included such GOP stalwarts as outgoing World Bank chief Paul Wolfowitz and former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Last year, the conference was held in Ottawa, and the Toronto Star reported that it had received an unsigned press release saying that the 2006 group included David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Queen Beatrix of Holland, New York Gov. George Pataki, media moguls, high-level officials from Spain and Greece, and the heads of Coca-Cola, Credit Suisse and the Royal Bank of Canada.

Bilderberg chairman Etienne Davignon, a former Belgian diplomat, granted the British Broadcasting Corp. a rare interview two years ago in which he brushed aside myths surrounding the organization.

"When people say this is a secret government of the world, I say that if we were a secret government of the world, we should be bloody ashamed of ourselves," Mr. Davignon said.

Mr. Black said that the governor was going because he was invited. "He looks forward to talking to them about the system of federalism here in the United States," he said.

Regarding the secrecy surrounding the event, Mr. Black said: "It's their conference, and I suppose they can run it anyway they want. The governor was honored that they would ask him to come speak on the American experience, and he's happy to do it."

Mr. Perry returns to Texas on Monday.

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9/11: The Great Illusion by George Humphrey

This important film will help open your friends' and family's eyes to the great illusion that the mainstream media has created around the September 11th attacks. The narrative of facts reinforced by visual evidence, poignant images and original music will compel the viewer to leave the old explanation behind and move toward a greater awareness of the New World Order. Link

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Activists Go Face To Face With Evil As Rockefeller Confronted

We Are Change group ask arch-elitist why he admits to working to destroy America in his own book

Prison Planet | May 29, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

As part of a blitz of recent activism in which Al Gore, Rudy Giuliani and the CFR were all confronted, Infowars reporter Luke Rudkowski and the rest of the We Are Change crew went face to face with evil when they paid a visit to arch-elitist David Rockefeller at his own home in New York.

The group scouted out Rockefeller's address and waited for him to exit, watched closely by security guards, before informing him of the fact that a citizen's grand jury was seeking his indictment for his involvement in 9/11.

Rockefeller, stooped and shuffling like some evil hunchback cartoon character, did his best to ignore the group and enter a waiting car while his security pushed away the activists.

Rudkowski made it clear to Rockefeller that "We know about your New World Order, we won't be silenced about it - national sovereignty will prevail - you guys will never have a New World Order."

The group were then threatened by security and told to "Take your story some place else."

Rockefeller, his bodyguards and aides were also confronted with the elitist's own words as written in his 2002 book Memoirs, in which Rockefeller admits to being part of a globalist cabal that is working against American interests towards a one world government.

"For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it," Rockefeller writes on page 405.

The group have been on a blitz of activism in recent weeks, confronting Al Gore, Rudy Giuliani, Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Council on Foreign Relations as well as Larry Silverstein, during which
one of Silverstein's security thugs called in a hoax bomb threat to try and get the group arrested and was later fired.

Evil International Bankers are Running The World

a look at how international bankers make money from issuing and printing money, charging interest and financing both sides in a war so they can profit from military spending.

central banks, the federal reserve, the debt scam, assassinations, war-mongering, engineered events, fake economic cycles, manipulation, deceit, the media, government. hidden wealth. the rothschilds.
history, timeline and religious perspectives.

money is being moved from the real ownership of property into the stock market, power has been transferred from governments to the bankers, democracy has been undermined by corrupt media. Link

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∆˙∆˙BURNING MAN ˙∆˙∆ 1994

The Order of Death (Alex Jones)

To commemorate the five year anniversary of his historic infiltration of the Bohemian Grove, the occult playground of the global elite, Alex Jones presents his newest film, The Order of Death, an amazing and horrifying look into the rites and rituals of the modern day descendents of Babylonian mystery cults.

This new film delves deeply into the history of the Grove where powerful men make decisions that affect the world but are completely hidden from public scrutiny. "The Order of Death" details how the Grove has been the backdrop for some of the most earthshattering events in human history including the development of the Starwars program and the Manhattan Project.

This video is copyrighted, but Alex Jones has permitted and encourged the distribution of these videos for non-profit, educational purposes. If you would like to help Alex Jones and/or have a hard copy, buy one from him by going through his website. It can be done online or through his office. Link

Ron Paul Speaks In Austin, Texas 5/19/2007

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Out There TV - Episode 259 - Guest: Dean Henderson - 5/13/2007

Dean Henderson earned a master’s degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana, the thesis for which was a study of Big Oil and their Bankers. Dean then traveled to over thirty countries to uncover a vast web of intrigues leading to the boardrooms of the world’s largest corporations and banks, merging this information with his thesis to write his masterful work on the Four Horsemen, Eight Families and their global intelligence, narcotics and terror network. Dean's book, "Big Oil and Their Bankers" pulls back the covers and exposes a centuries-old cabal of global oligarchs, whose control over the global economy is based upon the world's three most valuable commodities: oil, weapons and drugs. Join us on Out There as Dean names names and shines a spotlight on the "Money Power" which secretively rules the world. Link

Out There TV - Episode 258 - Guest: Dr. James H. Fetzer - 5/6/2007

Join us as Jim tells us WHO was responsible for 9/11 and how he encourages the study of the possibility that high-tech weapons, including ground or space-based directed-energy military weapons, may have been used to bring down the Twin Towers. He has not endorsed any specific hypothesis about the destruction of the WTC, but he has expressed skepticism that conventional explosives, including thermite/thermate, could have brought about such devastating effects. Link

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Problem Reaction Solution (NWO Mix 2006)

Problem Reaction Solution (NWO Mix 2006). Exposing the Illuminati New World Order Agenda - staged terror attacks to create fear, removal of civil more... liberties, and a totalitarian fascist police state.

Tony Blair & George W Bush are puppets that the illuminati have put in power in order to erode our rights and freedoms. These fascists are all as evil and crooked as they come. Blair is a 33rd degree freemason and Bush is a member of the satanic skull & bones society. These political puppets answer to the illuminati - the shadowy elite who really call the shots.

We really must stop putting our trust in people like this - we blindly give our power away to them and they use it to blackmail us and put us in a state of fear over some external problem that they themselves have covertly created. It's a mind-manipulation technique called "Problem-Reaction-Solution" and the illuminati have used this method for thousands of years to control the destiny of this world. It won't get any better until we get off our arses and shout about it!

But we must remember that Bush, Blair and the rest of the cronies who seem to have their hands on the wheels of power in this world, are actually just puppets who the illuminati put into power in order to advance their agenda for the "new world order". The illuminati, who are behind the scenes controlling the whole show, never put themselves on public display because they want us to think that the buck stops with people like Bush & Blair.

For those of you who are new to this subject, I urge you to do some basic research on secret societies like the Freemasons, The Bilderberg Group, The Order of Skull & Bones, The Trilateral Commission and the CFR.

It is not too late for us to stop these servants of evil from totally enslaving the population of this planet. Our biggest weapon is INFORMATION because information will lead us to the truth, and the truth will set us free. The illuminati has deliberately suppressed vital information from us for thousands of years and that has made it possible for them to manipulate humankind for so long. Come on folks, let our generation be the one that finally blows the lid wide open on this evil illuminati conspiracy.

For more info, please visit:, and

The Doors - The End

Bill Hicks - Play From Your Fucking Heart

Alex Jones arrested for refusing to thumbscan

Alex Jones to Gov. Bush: Sir, shouldn't we abolish the Federal Reserve and the CFR?

David Icke - Serpents Rule This Planet

David Icke: Was He Right? (2006)

David Icke on Shape-Shifting Reptilians

The Situation Room Interviews David Duke - 12/23/2006

David Icke - "America" The Satanic Cult

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David Icke & Bill Hicks

Sick Sinse - Return of the Nephilim

Hannity & Colmes Interviews Webster Tarpley - 5/9/2007

Alan Colmes:
The 9/11 conspiracy wingnuts are at it again. This time they’re spinning the words of senator John Kerry to suggest that the former presidential nominee in some way endorses those conspiracy theories.
Webster, you don’t think for one second that John Kerry believes that there was a government conspiracy to bring down the buildings on 9/11? You don’t believe that do you?
I’m not sure he was referring to building 7 sir. He was referring to the fact that after 9/11 and after some buildings were hit, there were buildings in the area that were so destroyed and so damaged that they did have to be brought down.
To claim John Kerry somehow supports your cacameme theories is absolutely insane.
Now you’re getting way off topic, that’s not what we’re talking about.
Stop the cheap shots. You’re making cheap shots now.
You are blaming the United States government, I’m no fan of the Bush Administration, but people like you who want to blame the Bush Administration, the United States government without one scintilla of evidence that they had anything to do with bringing down buildings on 9/11 as if elected officials of this country would cause this kind of damage and hurt to the American people, you are further hurting the families who have suffered enough because of 9/11, have to sit and listen to this garbage you are putting out.
It turns out that a further investigation of that building, it turns out that 25% of the depth of the building was gone. Popular Mechanics did the story on this. A fifth floor fire was burning for 7 hours. Debris from the north tower was all over the place, and the structure of the building because of the weight of the columns, that is what caused it to come down, not some kind of crazy government theory to further hurt the American people.
What would be the motivation Mr. Tarpley? Why would the government do it? What would be behind their thinking?

Sean Hannity:
So you’re saying that after the planes hit the trade center that the government in a controlled fashion went in and then bombed, then loaded......
So you’re saying because it looks like a controlled demolition, do you have any evidence who loaded up that building with explosives? Who loaded up the building with explosives?
You throw out all these allegations but you have no proof, and your conspiracy theories......
Webster if you would take a deep breath I’m going to help educate you here. If you watch the buildings get hit by the planes and bin Laden takes credit for it, now there was an investigation….NIST researchers show the support for this working hypothesis that you’re talking about here, that the building was far more compromised by the falling debris than the FEMA report, that I know you guys refer to often, ever indicated and that it is obvious that this is a result of 9/11. Who do you think did this?
Sir, without your evidence, without you proof, your cacameme theories, there are people who lost loved ones, and you saying that without any evidence is very hurtful and very harmful, and very, frankly you’re living in a paranoid conspiratorial world.

Webster Tarpley:
He just says that there is a controlled demolition being done on World Trade Center 7, which is that building that came down at 5:20 in the afternoon after having been hit by no plane, and it’s several hundred yards away from the twin towers.
I want nothing to do with John Kerry. John Kerry is a dilettante. He is an oligarch. He is a rich elitist, and his wife with her foundations............
It is a classic controlled demolition. You see streamers of smoke, you see the thing collapse in the middle first. It is a classic controlled demolition, just in the way the twin towers were.
You’re dealing with what amounts to a rogue network. It’s the people who brought you the Kennedy assassination, the Gulf of Tonkin, the bombing of Serbia. Their goal is the war of civilizations and that’s what you see. Using this as a premise they have attacked Afghanistan, attacked Iran…they are preparing to attack Iran, they have attacked Iraq.
A controlled demolition, and this is the shallowness of Kerry, if you want to have a controlled demolition it takes at least several days of very careful, painstaking work.
Yes that’s obviously what happened. Dan Rather was able to see that.
This is exactly what the Kean-Hamilton Commission did not do. They should have investigated the rogue network that did this.
Someone who has very capable, controlled demolition expertise, not bin Laden, not al-Qaeda, not some group of psychotic patsies in a cave of Afghanistan, but somebody actually who can do these things. The physical, technical ability to create the observed phenomena.
I commend my book to people’s attention.
The question that was asked in Austin was about World Trade Center 7. No plane.
Which bin Laden? There’s a fat bin Laden. There’s a thin bin Laden. There’s a bin Laden who says he did it. There’s a bin Laden who said he didn’t do it. What you have to remember is that al-Qaeda is the CIA Arab Legion. It was created by Robert Gates, the current secretary of defense.
Sean that’s a demagogue you’re talking with.
The reason why this is important is that Cheney is looking for a pretext to attack Iran, and he’s gonna try to have a new 9/11. That’s the whole point. To understand what the next one is gonna be you’ve got to know what the first one was.
Yes, there’s obviously a troop of actors. It’s a group of patsies that are assembled by U.S. and British intelligence.

Question to U.S. Senator John Kerry 4/22/2007 at Book People in Austin, Texas:
World Trade Center 7 was brought down on September 11th at 5:20 in the evening. The leaseholder of the World Trade Center complex, Larry Silverstein, gave a public interview on PBS in 2002 and he said that they pulled that building, which is a demolition term for intentionally bringing down a building. This man made over $5 billion from those buildings destruction, and I want to know if there was ever a formal investigation into Larry Silverstein, the leaseholder of the World Trade Center complex, and his ties to this entire event?

Kerry’s Response:
I don’t believe there’s been a formal investigation. I haven’t heard that, I don’t know that. I do know that, that wall, I remember, was in danger and I think they made a decision based on the danger that it had of destroying other things that they did it in a controlled fashion. No, he’s part of the construction, reconstruction effort for the memorial and the use of the land etc. There’s been a long tug of war going on in New York. I am not following every aspect of it ‘cause it’s not in my jurisdiction so to speak, but I’ll check on what the story is. I’ll take a look at it, based on what you’ve said. You are the first people anywhere in the country who’ve brought this to my attention.

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Connie Fogal on the Corporate North American Union

Connie Fogal, the redoubtable leader of the Canadian Action Party, delivers a hard hitting and passionate warning to all who refuse to believe that our democracy is being usurped by an elite few and is being sold off, brick by brick, to the highest bidder. Our very own elected politicians are in collusion with powerful private corporate interests, working together behind closed doors to bring in the ‘Security and Prosperity Partnership’ by “stealth” – as one proponent of the agreement put it – without public knowledge or consultation. In this presentation, she argues that Canadian sovereignty is very much at stake and she urges us to become informed and to take action before we ignorantly surrender all of our freedoms and public services to foreign corporate rule.
Google video link