Saturday, May 05, 2007

Jim Marrs Lecture - Ancient Technology from the Past: White Powder Gold


Floyd Anderson said...


modern humans think they have the leading edge in technology, that they are the apex of the world’s civilizations.
David Hudson, farmer in Phoenix, Arizona, noticed odd properties in the soil in the 1970s. He discovered an unknown property in the soil, a monotopic element, a single atom element: white powder gold
ancient secrets of energy manipulation, anti-gravity, time travel, star portals, human longevity
manipulation of energy at the atomic and subatomic level
an advanced alternative to a fuel-propelled rocket
energy which could wreck the oil industry
human longevity and healing which would wreck the pharmaceutical and medical industries
military industrial secrecy
if we are going to call ourselves a free people, we have to have the knowledge about what the heck is going on.
Gilgamesh: the legendary Sumerian King, who along with his non-human companion, Enkidu, attempted to locate the ancient gods so they might learn the secret of immortality.
French and German archaeological teams think they have found the Tomb of Gilgamesh in Iraq under the Euphrates River, using ground-penetrating radar, 1999-2001. What was found in this tomb? Would the findings be taken to the basement of the Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad?
The United States rushes to war with Iraq in 2003.
U.S. and U.N. weapons inspectors had found no WMDs in Iraq. U.N. Atomic Energy Agency said there are no WMDs in Iraq.
U.S. military invades Iraq and makes a b-line for Baghdad. Puts a marine guard on the ministry of oil. The Iraqi National Museum was not guarded. Museum was looted by, many say, an organized band of thieves. Thousands of items taken, including those located in the basement.

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This stuff is interesting, but I haven't found much else about the connection between findings at the Tomb of Gilgamesh, white powder gold, and the Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad.

Seems to me, at this point, that there is a weak thread running through these things. Anybody have more info on these topics?

Anonymous said...

I suggest reading Laurence Gardner's Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark. Shadow of Solomon might also be insightful. And of course, I suggest getting your hands on some original Masonry books...of course those are extremely difficult to find. Jim Marrs only did a quick lecture on it and there's just so much more. If you do enough research, you'll eventually start seeing the strong connections.