Monday, June 04, 2007

Dr. Steven E. Jones Lecture - Evidence of Thermate in WTC Dust - 4/14/2007

Floyd Anderson | June 4, 2007

Austin, Texas - Dr. Steven Jones reveals that he has discovered the existence of thermate in the WTC dust. Thermate is a combination of thermite and sulfur, and is a compound that can cut through steel. Wikipedia describes thermate as an incendiary compound used for military applications. Its presence at the WTC site suggests that the collapsed buildings contained pre-planted explosives and adds strength to the controlled demolition theory. A company called Securacom provided security for the World Trade Center, as well as for United Airlines and Dulles International Airport. Marvin P. Bush, brother of U.S. president George W. Bush, was a principal in this security company.

Dr. Jones also recently conducted experiments to determine the likelihood of NIST’s conclusion that the orange material flowing out of WTC 2 was aluminum alloys from Flight 175. Jones' results show that heated liquid aluminum alloys are silver in color, whereas a thermate reaction upon steel will produce an orange molten metal like that seen flowing out of the World Trade Center tower in the above image.

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