Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Chemtrails? 11/14/2007

A couple photos I took this morning in Austin, Texas.


Anonymous said...

Hi I also live in north of Austin and took some videos a few months ago, unfortunately I have moved to England and working here now BUT they are spraying us here as well!
Every day in the morning and most of the evenings too??! WTF?
I have called the police and emailed the city council but no one knows any thing and act as if I am crazy while everyone can see the damn clouds of death spreading. If they are harmless why hush hush about them>? If they are dangerous those idiots are breathing it in too? So it is a dilemma for those of us who ask questions! I also heard they are doing the same damn thing over Iran too so it is all over done by the same zionist bastards who robbed us out of every thing including our countries money and now our freedoms!!

Anonymous said...

BTW I have done research and know that these planes/jets cost $20,000 dollars each per flight per day! so when I see dozens of these every day the amount of money they are spending is staggering.
youtube chemtrails and see for yourself.
They are spraying over every major city in the world if they are messing with the weather why over populated areas?
these pathological liars who have become our so-called leaders are just a bunch of low-class thugs and thieves and I for one do NOT trust them.