Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Kay Griggs Interview - Military Black Ops & Blackmail in the U.S. Government (1998)

Kay Griggs, wife of colonel George Griggs, USMC (retired USMC Commandant): 29th Commandant of the Marine Corps, found her husband's diary which contains details of homosexual blackmail in the top ranks of the US Marine Corps and names leading politicians and military leaders. Kay Griggs' information about the US government also comes from observations and people she met. She exposes initiation rituals, the raping of young men and blackmail and murders to keep people quiet. Much of this, according to Griggs, is related to secret society activity and she names figures like Henry Kissinger and a string of other top government individuals.

Colonel George Griggs was a Marine Corps Chief of Staff as well as head of NATO's Psychological Operations. He was also, his wife realized, entirely mind-controlled. Kay, a self-declared Christian, became privy to the real workings of the United States military, leadership training, drug-running and weapons sales, and the secret worldwide camps that train professional assassins.

These interviews with Pastor Rick Strawcutter of Adrian, Michigan were conducted in 1998, before September 11th and the installation of U.S. President George W. Bush. Kay Griggs' report of world events and the power elite paints a picture that begins to explain the hows and whys of our current global scenario.


Laurel said...

My name is Laurel Aston .I am a victim of child trafficking in the US miltary/CIA. I was used as a child soldier/spy /assassin/sex slave,all under heavy mind control through the military/CIA program MKULTRA. Later as an adult ,while still being utilized as a mind controlled spy/assassin in Hollywood. I worked as a very successful and well known producer ,doing shows for Barbra Streisand, Bill Gates ,at Chasens , etc. and for the Jacksons. Hollywood is run completely by the US MILITARY/CIA. Hollywood is merely a cover for the CIA/MILITARY complex brain washing ,propoganda, childtrafficking/human slavery, drug running and their various crimes against humanity. I am currently fighting for my freedom and survival. And doing a radio show with one of my biggest advocates Bishop Hosea Bradley .The show is LOOKING @ THE UNKNOWN TO SEE THE KNOWN...BEYOND THE VEIL on blog talk radio. The bishop spent 20 years in the US military and 12 as a police detective before giving his life to GOD. Visit our pages on face book

William Forrest said...

laurel aston is a con artist know to police and fbi