Thursday, August 07, 2008

Kent Daniel Bentkowski Has Died

The incredibly knowledgeable researcher, writer and radio show host Kent Daniel Bentkowski passed away on Wednesday July 30, 2008 at his home in Buffalo, New York. I thank you Kent for the information you spread to others and for your uniqueness, honesty, patience, open-mindedness and kindness. I've listened to I guess about 15-20 audio pieces with you and I remember how excited I was to hear you announce on Red Ice Creations your forthcoming 13-part radio interview series with Leo Zagami on the Illuminati. You and Leo only got a few shows into the series, but it was a success nonetheless. I was looking forward to checking out the book you were working on about the mass media, and although you did not complete it you have left so much for us to access and learn from.

Henrik from Red Ice Creations talks with Greg from Occult of Personality about Kent's passing, his health and his work.

Here is Kent being interviewed by space ranger Adam Gorightly.

Thanks Kent. See ya around somewhere out there perhaps.


Floyd Anderson said...

My alarm clock paused at 9:11 this morning. I just got home and the clock still read 9:11. Kinda weird. I replaced the batteries and now it is ticking on 8/8/08.

Floyd Anderson said...

I'm kind of wasted this seems really, really interesting now.

Floyd Anderson said...

Greg from Occult of Personality talks about a synchronicity with Kent and the number of 741 hits on Greg's website on July 30, 2008, the day of Kent's death.