Wednesday, February 18, 2009

David Icke - The Freedom Road: The Human Journey 7000 BC to 2012 AD

Part One

David Icke tells the astonishing story of how the world is controlled today by "royal" bloodlines seeded in the ancient world that have passed through history manipulating the human race for thousands of years. The bloodlines that were the kings and queens of the distant past are the same bloodlines that today produce the political leaders and those who control the banks, transnational corporations and our media. Using hundreds of illustrations and a fast paced often ironic narrative, David Icke explains how and why we are now racing towards a global fascist state - unless we wake up fast. He also explores the spiritual (not religious) road to freedom that may await us all and says that we can transform the world and our lives by transforming ourselves and understanding our true power to design our own destiny. What is happening? What can happen? What has happened in the past? All of these questions are explored in this thrilling shocking mind-blowing program.

Part Two

Part Three

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