Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Project Camelot Interviews Richard Hoagland - Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA

Albuquerque, New Mexico - December 2007

“The swastika was a symbol that Hitler stole from history going all the way back to the Vedas, this ancient Indian tradition that talks about spacecraft and nuclear weapons and vamanas and all kinds of astonishing high-tech stuff back at a time when there should be no such high-tech stuff, and what Hitler did was to take it, co-opt it and use it for his own political and propaganda purposes very consciously because what the swastika is is an insight into an entire different level of reality which I term hyper-dimensional physics, out of which you get on the one hand, if you really do it right, anti-gravity, making rockets obsolete, and then free energy, making centralized power plants and centralized power and the control of people through the price of oil also obsolete. So, on both hands you’ve got under proven now Nazi research and development efforts during and after World War II, you’ve got the keys to liberating civilization. All over this planet, 6 billion people freed, and someone is sitting on that truth, and it’s one of those three groups running NASA secretly: The Nazis.”

-Richard Hoagland

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