Monday, August 24, 2009

Frank Edwards: Project Redlight and the Military Industrial Complex

This remarkable speech by the late radio journalist and author Frank Edwards was delivered at the conclusion of a talk given at the Lakewood Civic Auditorium in Lakewood, Ohio on April 19th, 1964 hosted by the Cleveland UFOlogy Project. Frank Edwards was the only journalist at the time to go into any discussion of a possible flying saucer crash in Nevada in 1962. Since that time some suspicion has arisen regarding its possible connection to a reported project to test fly man-made flying saucers near what would later become known as the Groom Dry Lake Test Facility in Area 51. Even darker suspicions involve the Nevada Test Site and this project in a mileau of criminal activities including drug trafficking as a means of financing as well as the associations of individuals involved with this country’s major political assassinations. In the late 1970’s, Idaho journalist Bill Nelson would make some startling claims about Edwards in a publication given very limited distribution at that time. He describes attending a lecture given by Edwards at a high school a week before Edwards passed away in 1967 at which he presented some rather startling pieces of photographic evidence. One item was a photograph supposedly ‘classified’ by NASA taken during one of the Gemini space missions. His descriptive classification of the image’s supposed official ‘non-existence’ bears comparison to a similar phrase used by Sgt Clifford Stone to describe on camera a close-up photograph of a flying saucer in his possession that also has yet to be publicly disclosed. The others represented a series of images taken by a road worker depicting a triangular-shaped vehicle travelling directly over a road towards him as other workers dove to the side for cover. The last photo supposedly depicted it clearly from a vantage pint of 50 feet beneath. Needless to say there has been no mention in any publication of any of these pictures since that time. What can be stated with certainty is that the present recording represents a unique and powerful presentation by one of UFOlogy’s most important figures.

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