Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Floyd Anderson Podcast 10/5/2010: Rahm Emanuel, Dead Fish, Mothman, Aliens, Serpents, and DNA

Rahm Emanuel Resigns & Receives a Dead Fish, The West Wing, UN Alien Ambassador Story, Mothman, Caduceus, Kundalini Energy, DNA Double Helix, Serpents, Jeremy Narby, Ayahuasca, Reptilians, They Live, David Icke, Graham Hancock, Transdimensional Beings

Music: Captain Jack – Iko Iko, The Doors – Shaman’s Blues

Rahm Emanuel Given Dead Carp as Farewell Gift

UN Plan for Alien Ambassador a Case of Science Fiction?

Jeremy Narby Interviewed on Red Ice Radio - The Cosmic Serpent, DNA, Knowledge & Intelligence in Nature

David Icke Interviewed on Binnall of America

Graham Hancock Interviewed on Coast to Coast AM - Shamanism, Aliens & Ayahuasca

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