Thursday, October 16, 2008

There's Something in the Air: Speak to Me/Breathe/On the Run

I watched the debate and it's sick theater in my view. They go on and on about taxes and health care blah blah blah.....if they cared about the health of Americans, maybe they should bring up chemtrails, sodium fluoride, aspartame, mercury in vaccines, the CIA importing cocaine and heroin, depleted uranium that our troops are exposed to........
It all makes me sick. I cannot go along with these guys. Both voted for the bailout. They won't talk about 9/11 evidence, NAU, Amero, CFR, NORTHCOM, Blackwater, patriot act, THE WMDS IN IRAQ WERE NEVER FOUND!!!, the bin laden confession video is an obvious fake. They bicker back and forth over nonsense as the U.S. crumbles. Our monetary system is being destroyed and our military has been murdering people like mad dogs in the Middle East. It's disgusting.


Anonymous said...

We are playing the game with America. We are watching the circus of politics. One of them will probably become the president - either way we should make the most of it. Make yourself less sensitive to world markets, commodities, and the unemployment rate. Bok Bok.

Rhotel1 said...

I doubt anyone who believes in Chemtrails has any kind of grasp of reality, but they don't exist - they are called contrails and they have existed as long as aircraft have been able to fly high enough to make them. Look at old WW-II movies with B-17s or B-29's and look for the white streaks - the contrails, water vapor turning to clouds purely because the wings have flown through them. Now, you also seem to think that depleted uranium is another big bogeyman. Maybe, you ought to go get get educated and learn a little chemistry and physics -- try your community college for size. Or go to or the Yahoo Group DUStory