Friday, August 20, 2010

Lt. Col. Bob Bowman Interviewed about 9/11 by Dr. Stan Monteith 8/19/2010

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Anonymous said...

Why are there no posts on this video interview ? Does the American " sheeple " have their heads in the sand ? Have we forgotten the lies and more important we have forgotten the LIVES LOST, MURDERED just what has happened to us as a country that we have let this slide. Is this country just going to roll over & become a Police State? Where is our pride in our Bill of Rights, our freedom ? The Govt has just extended the Patriot Act continuing the limitations of our rights & freedom as citizens. I a red blooded American, who is proud of what our Founding Fathers stood for & created, founding the greatest nation ever on the planet, am so disgusted, dismayed that 10 yrs. later still no true justice has been done & "those responsible" have not paided the price for their actions. Course "they" are the very ones responsible for the cover up & lies of BS the American public have been duped into swallowing. Here I see no one has even posted not one comment on this interview with this respected & decorated military hero, Shame on the citizens with your heads in the sand, those who have forgotten and "moved on" caught up in your daily lives you are truly pathetic & deserve to be enslaved by our "hidden" Govt. The Founding Fathers would never leave this crime of treason left unanswered & neither should "We The People" today. Thank you Col. Bowman for your true patriotism & honor & your sworn oath to this country & its Constitution. I am proud of you but not proud of our "New" Govt. no wonder we have gone from the most respected country to the most hated, truly a disappointment and testament to recent administrations actions. WAKE UP AMERICAN SHEEPLE before we're herded to slaughter & slavery.