Thursday, August 05, 2010

Lucus on the John Moore Show 8/1/2010

John Moore and Lucus discuss the return of Planet X and the elite preparations for the event, as well as ancient petroglyphs, artifacts and hidden knowledge. Are the FEMA Camps, Denver International Airport, underground facilities, chemtrails, and the move to high ground all related to Planet X? Is Atlantis in the Bermuda Triangle and did it sink during a previous crossing? Will it rise and be inhabited once again? Could the New World Order be referring to the agenda for a new world after this event occurs? Is the Norway Spiral an indication that the Planet of the Crossing aka Marduk aka Nibiru and its possible dwarf star companion are near?

Visit Lucus’ Website at Earth Changes, Planet X, Destroyer Star, Wormwood, Nemesis, Nibiru, etc.

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